Mo Zu-ying (Guangdong) ci two in spring

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Mo Zuying (Guangdong) can’t get her tears back.The year of the Tiger looks ahead.The epidemic has caused chaos.China tai and people happiness, Shenzhou rich restoration.Taoyuan Fairyland intoxicating tour.Spring Festival · Mountain city New Year strong Mo Zuying dawn early fog flying ridge, air conditioning floating to the building.The new swallow whispered softly.Send ox age, welcome golden tiger.Rainbow Bridge, honeysuckle fire tree.Under the green trees, the young men and women were gracious.Ten miles river shore dance.Mountain city night, neon lights funny.Rivers running, greenways singing and dancing.At the top of the peak, enjoy the ice stepping shadow countless.Children firecrackers rang the countryside, friends and relatives, about the leisurely walk.Pavilion pavilion, candy crisp incense wind and rain.The people’s country is warm.The world is good, god is pleased.