With the new BMW I3, the price is down to Tesla

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On March 31, BMW unveiled two new models, the homegrown X5 and the all-electric i3.Compared with the bright spot and the price is not new X5, industry insiders will turn more attention to i3.With just one Model and a price tag of 349,900, tesla’s Model 3 is one of its potential rivals.Before BMW I3, BMW has launched iX3, iX and I4 models in the Chinese market. The launch of the i3 will further strengthen BMW’s pure electric lineup.As the cheapest BMW pure electric model in the market, can i3 lead BMW out of the low point of pure electric market sales?It is worth mentioning that the new i3 is not the same as the previous i3, only on sale in China, in other words, is a Special Model for China, and the previous generation of i3 is really a global synchronized model.In addition, the new i3 is the current BMW 3 series gasoline to electric model, so there is no connection with the previous generation of i3, more as a pure electric version of the 3 series.In terms of appearance, BMW I3 and 3 Series maintain a high degree of consistency in appearance. The enclosed design and blue embellishment are adopted in the front grille to highlight the unique attributes of its pure electric version.Although the side wheelbase of the body is 5cm longer than that of the fuel long shaft version 3 series, the overall shape is more dynamic than that of the fuel version. The active air intake grille, low wind resistance hub and diffuser at the tail all explain the determination of the I3 to compete with wind resistance to the end. The wind resistance coefficient of 0.24CD is also really exciting.In terms of power range, the I3 is just average.Nowadays, for more than 300,000 pure electric models, zero acceleration of less than 5 seconds and a range of more than 600km have become the basic entry threshold. The official 100 km acceleration time of BMW I3 is 6.2 seconds, and the range of 526 km under CLTC standard is indeed a little thin.In terms of intelligence, i3 is obviously further improved compared with iX3, the first iX3 to enter the domestic market.Specifically, iX and I4 are equipped with the latest iDrive 8 operating system and local application scenarios such as on-board wechat and Tencent Small Scene 2.0. The overall technology sense is even better than that of the fuel version 3 Series.In addition, in terms of assistance driving, BMW i3 can still be equipped with the amazing Pro self-driving assistance system.It uses Mobileye’s EyeQ4 chip solution and three single present sight cameras.At the same time, BMW i3 is also equipped with five millimeter-wave radars, including one forward long-range millimeter-wave radar and four short-range angular radars.The biggest highlight is the ability to relax driving on congested roads.When there is a traffic jam on the highway, press the mode button on the steering wheel, and you can completely loosen your hands and drive, just need to see the road ahead.This is a rare feature in the industry, and BMW’s L2 system does not even need to rely on sophisticated maps to achieve it, so it can be said to be ahead of the “new force” level of driver assistance.While the design and manufacturing cost of the i3 is not as “surprising” as its predecessor, the i3’s appearance and core will make it more attractive to consumers who want to experiment with luxury electric cars, According to Mr. Cylinder.The benefit of the premium version is that BMW knows where to put its emphasis on pleasing consumers, rather than on its own style.The i3 is clearly set to make up for BMW’s lackluster sales in China compared with its predecessor.The reason is that BMW is increasingly understanding the needs of Chinese consumers. From the popularity of this generation of BMW 3 Series to the release of i3 in the form of special supply, it adopts almost the same appearance design of the 3 Series and lengthens the wheelbase to 2.96 meters. BMW is gradually understanding the “demand points” of Chinese consumers.In addition, the CLAR platform with BMW 3 series can be cheaper in terms of maintenance.It is worth mentioning that the last generation is extremely worried about its after-sales problems because of the large use of carbon fiber material in the body, while the “homogenization” of this generation and the 3 series is much less trouble in this aspect.Will it be a good sniper for the Tesla Model 3?As for the future sales of BMW i3, we can actually refer to the BMW iX3, which is currently competing with Tesla Model Y.IX3, which received a mid-stage revamp at the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, did not show more impressive fighting power.In January 2022, the monthly sales volume was 1,731 units.BMW’s iX3 sales fell to 1,472 units in February.BMW has a long way to go to catch up with rival Tesla’s Model Y, which sells more than 10,000 units per month.The gas-powered X3 also posted a similar 17, 000 sales in January.”Burning strong electricity weak” is still luxury brands have not been able to completely reverse the situation.If the I3 is to beat the Tesla Model 3, it’s space and handling.As we all know, the space of Tesla is the most criticized, especially the rear space, which is always difficult to stretch when traveling with many people.The chassis adjustment has always been the core selling point of the 3 series. The cancellation of the rear anti-roll bar of this generation fuel version of the 3 series makes many people doubt that the 3 series is more family-oriented, and in fact, it is indeed so.And i3 is very good to make up for this defect, and in the front and rear suspension is equipped with HRS hydraulic rebound shock absorption system, so that the vehicle fine vibration is less, better take into account the comfort and sports.Has always been the chassis set-up is BMW’s main competitive power, and the BMW i3 in wheelbase, chassis height have more advantages than the BMW 3 series, comprehensive so many advantages, apparently more surprise on the handling, the problem is, 300000 consumers to buy a pure electric vehicles, sense to control whether their car as a big factor.Moreover, in terms of communication, it is still an unavoidable problem for BMW to effectively show the disadvantages of “switching from oil to electricity” in the eyes of most people and the advantages of its own control.To replicate the success of BMW’s 3-series, the i3 will need to step up its game.But as the first all-electric premium car, the i3 is clearly groundbreaking.More pure electric BMW models will be introduced into China, and i3 can be said to be the best “touchstone”.Before this, the most powerful competitor to hit Tesla Model 3 is Xiaopeng P7. This time, the listing of i3 has another chance to break this dull pattern.Indeed, the BMW 3 Series, as the benchmark and soul of BMW models, industry insiders predict that its sales will be more optimistic than iX3.The fact that there is only a 349,900 yuan version also implies that this car has a very accurate positioning. If the price of iX3 has a certain range in the later period, it will have a higher chance to break out of tesla’s “encircles”.