We work with the Olympic curling team NTO!

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The people you work with at work may have hidden identities that might surprise you!Li Chenjing from Chaoyang Branch of Beijing Post!However!Is!!!Curling at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Some of you might ask, what is NTO?NTO is the English abbreviation of the Domestic technical officers of the Winter Olympic Games. It is the general name of technical representatives, competition officials, referees and measurement officials. Yes, Li Chen is!In 2002, curling was just introduced to Beijing. Li Chen was just 15 years old when he got into curling. At first, he just wanted to play, but gradually he found that he liked curling more and more.In 2003, he participated in the 10th National Winter Games for the first time as the youngest curler in the country and ranked 7th in the country.That year was the debut of a teenager who loved curling, and it was also the beginning of the road to pursue his dream in the Winter Olympics.In 2008, Li Chen returned to curling with better condition. In the same year, she participated in the 11th National Winter Games and once again broke through herself, ranking sixth in the country.Later, Li Chen began to work as a referee, starting from a level 3 referee to a level 2 referee, and successfully obtained the national Curling Certificate of Level 1 in 2017.After the selection and training of the General Administration of Sport of China and the Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee, Li Chen was selected to the NTO team of domestic technical officials of curling.During his tenure as NTO, Li Chen also actively promoted philately culture and produced 126 versions of personalized stamps.Before leaving for the Winter Olympics, Li Chen said: “Thank Beijing Post, I feel very honored to participate in the winter Olympics as a postman. I will contribute to the Winter Olympics with quality service, show the splendor of the Winter Olympics, show the splendor of The Beijing Post staff, and successfully complete the task with the best state.Editing: Ding Ding text, pictures: Ding Fang