People who break up for these three reasons, don’t try to make it up

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After breaking up, many people will ask: how to redeem a person?It is undeniable that when you pay in a relationship, even if you go to the point of breaking up, there will always be some unwilling heart, perhaps love and not unwilling, perhaps not willing to return.So, a lot of people in order to fill the heart of the unwilling, willing to bother to save each other.Feelings are such things, there is no standard to speak of, even can not judge right and wrong;Fate is such a thing, there is no law at all, and even the depth can not be detected.So, some miss, go round and round may return to the original point, and some miss, can only miss, even if the effort to recover, but also in vain.Some people choose to break up because they do not love, and some people choose to break up because of misunderstanding. The results of the two seem to be the same, but if you dig into the reasons, you will find that the odds of recovery are very different.In fact, not all people are worth us to restore.When you lose someone who doesn’t deserve it, you may feel lost and sad for a moment, but later years will tell you that you were lucky you weren’t together.People who break up for these three reasons, don’t try to make it up.There are many illusions in life, one of which is that you think he likes you, you think he loves you.But the truth is, he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t love you, or he only likes and loves you superficially, and you take his play seriously, and you’re so caught up in it that you can’t even face the truth.In your life, there will always be people you think are going both ways, but in the end, they don’t care about you, they don’t even care about you.Those people, they don’t love you at all.No matter how much you give, he always keeps a cold attitude, even if you accept your offer, but will not return your love.You to him, but is dispensable existence, and the dominant power of this relationship, forever in his hands.Any relationship that can last for a long time is not a one-man show. If this love is always a one-man show, then, after breaking up with that person, don’t go to save it.Because he doesn’t love you, he chooses to break up with you, maybe because he is tired of the relationship with you, maybe because you have lost the value, maybe because he has found a more suitable person, in short, his departure is premeditated, his decision is firm.To say the least, even if he chooses to get back together with you because of your redemption, it is only because you are profitable, after criticizing the situation, chose to use you.A person who doesn’t love you will never love you when you leave.In our life, there are a lot of people who look back, but not all of them understand love after losing it. Some people find their exes good after being with others.Those people, when they’re with you, they don’t love you with all their heart, they keep giving other people chances.Then, suddenly in one day, met oneself thought true love, in order to be together with true love, cruel abandon you.Even, when breaking up, will stand on the moral high ground, let you put down this relationship, let you fulfill their love, regardless of your feelings.For this kind of empathy other people, no matter whether he later came back to you, no matter whether you still have his place in your heart, don’t be stupid, don’t make it back.A person who will break up with you because of another love, then, his heart can not stay in a person, you want the whole life can not appear in him.Perhaps, he will break up with others for you to prove his love for you, but, in the future, he will also break up with you because of others to prove his love for you.In the final analysis, during the love of other people, are a flower heart, do not understand love, do not know how to cherish love.There is no need to save this person, because your love is precious, your love deserves better.03: Get along with pain all say, love is easy to get along with difficult.Perhaps, the heartbeat of a moment is enough to precipitate a love affair, but this relationship can last, love is not the light.Because life is dull, when the romance and passion faded, two people together will always have all kinds of collisions, all kinds of running-in, but not all of the collisions will become a bunch of fireworks, not all of the running-in will become fusion.Thus, all kinds of friction and contradiction, gradually wear away the initial love, until completely disappeared.Zhang Xiaoxian once said: “Like a person, there will be no pain, love a person, there may be a long pain, but he gave me joy, is also the greatest happiness in the world.When you feel this relationship to bring you more pain, you should take a good look, after breaking up the recovery is because the heart is unwilling, or because still in love?It’s perfectly normal for a relationship to end when one of you feels uncomfortable, and it’s perfectly normal to feel pain after a breakup.After all, once paid, of course, there will be regret.Can Yishu said: “true love is joy, if you feel pain, must be wrong, need to end in time, start again.”Find a person to accompany, nothing more than to make their own happiness, and if you are with that person, only pain, this is enough to show that he is not the right person, forced together will not get you want happiness.Not all love, are suitable for together, if together only the pain, then don’t bother, don’t save, their well-being is good.People who break up for these three reasons, don’t try to make it up, because it’s not worth it.We can be affectionate, but not spoony;We can’t help falling in love with someone, but don’t run to someone who isn’t worth it.Life is long, don’t let your life is not worthy of people.Your love and mine are precious. 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