Pengjiang district, Jianghai district won a total of 20 million!Jiangmen Wanlibi Road construction won provincial incentives

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Pengjiang district and Jianghai District of Jiangmen city will receive a one-time reward of 10 million yuan each, and the incentive funds will be used for green road construction, management and conservation, and river and lake chief system.Jiangmen has always planned the construction of Wanlibi Road scientifically in accordance with the principle of giving priority to urban and surrounding rivers, county and surrounding rivers, town ruins and surrounding river banks, scenic spots, wetland parks and surrounding rivers.At present, Jiangmen city has completed an investment of 4.857 billion yuan to build 348 kilometers of bidao, overfulfilling the target task of 339 kilometers issued by the province three years in advance.Among them, 56.38 kilometers of Pengjiang District has been built, with a total investment of 1.945 billion yuan.Jianghai District has been completed 42 kilometers, completed investment of 2.15 billion yuan.Today, jiangmen has improved the appearance of rivers and lakes, and the citizens’ sense of gain and happiness has been increasingly enhanced. The picture of “Water, Beauty and Overseas Chinese Hometown” has become clearer, and the overall characteristic structure of “two corridors linking the five cities and overseas Chinese capitals together, and shuangwan gathering to unfold the picture scroll of mountains and seas” has initially formed.Behind the glory of wanlibi Road construction in Pengjiang district and Jianghai District is the vivid practice of “Jiangmen experience” of river and lake chief system.Among them, Pengjiang District has actively explored the new mode of bidao’s operation management and protection.For example, after the construction of xijiang Bidao demonstration section, it formulated and introduced bidao garden system, demonstration section management system and other bidao long-term management and protection mechanisms.At the same time, through the web celebrity cafe, convenient service point area of investment promotion and capital introduction of agricultural products, the introduction of high-quality business and management unit, a market-oriented operation, on the one hand to broaden the garden road operating capital source, feedback brigitte operations, on the other hand to promote the green management level and image, effective pull litre scenic popularity and enhance the sense of citizens travel experience, happiness,In order to explore the innovation of bidao new mode of operation made a breakthrough attempt.It is worth mentioning that The Pengjiang District also took the bidao construction as an opportunity to build the Pengjiang Smart Water Exhibition Center in the upper reaches of the Tiansha River, where people are crowded and the audience is wide, to create an important display window and environmental protection theme education base for the water control work in Pengjiang District.In the rural green corridor of Jianghai district, many citizens are riding bicycles, relaxing and enjoying the fun of spring outing.Bidao construction in Jianghai District also plays an important role in promoting urban quality and rural revitalization.Such as as jiangmen only selected provinces Wan Libi “1 + 10” pilot project of the central city, garden road, the green gallery after the completion of a noticeably different jiangmen waterway along the coast, especially the node, xiasha park by the river fishermen settlements, the city’s largest shanty towns, the biggest security hidden danger point and jiangmen channel plugging point, turned into a beautiful environment, functional diversity of the municipal park,Moreover, the Tanka culture has been preserved, attracting a large number of tourists and catering industry. The water environment, water economy and water culture complement each other.In combination with the development of urban agricultural ecological parks, rural green corridors and green roads will fully tap the potential of local agriculture, develop diversified agricultural industries, introduce third-party operations, and realize the “road to support road, water to support water” to help rural revitalization.Bidao construction is closely related to the improvement of urban quality. Nowadays, people gather wherever bidao extends, and the ecological effect of human-water harmony is gradually emerging. The “Jiangmen Experience” of river and lake chief system has become an important support for the construction of happy rivers and lakes.Zhang Hao Yangjiangmen Daily statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: