Read a poem and then go to sleep | I do not know which one is the first to open the night

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“Longing for sunshine” sitting lonely in the news, such as sadness and joy of a leaf of green fragrance. The mountains surrounded by clouds are growing little by little buds.Lonely, swinging back and forth in the sky the sun and stars frequently date such as sickle month is very helpless.The world is empty and the wind and the rain are dancing a magnificent tango in the fields. Far away, the scream of a car bomb is heard. Yesterday’s terror travels the world in the gulf of Aden.A sweet little flower torn by shrapnel, beautiful and dazzling red pierced god’s eye. In the sky, the cry of doves pierced the heart of the earth and the congealedblood of the cross hung low.The bitter tide of Syria lingers in Turkish harbours, shimmering with fear. The carrier of the beautiful firm of the calm Pacific whistles shrilly.Sit lonely listen to a lie and a quarrel is busy, the world I would rather choose peace, drizzly day always want to find a warm desire to land the sun in the morning of April in a cup of hot soy milk taste sunrise from dongshan town on the morning of the rising pushed open the walls a door window compiles a gorgeous sunrise hold up one morning with a smile.I don’t know which one is the first to open the night, but the smile in the morning light is the bright eyes of the cleaners.Accompanied by sprinklers singing the morning song is swaying leaves crisp bird song such as stream flow to school children street plaza morning exercise people and rush into the city fresh vegetables open shop door look forward to eyes.Cultivators planning a winter hope is strong April morning in fields like pale green grass the morning dew on the tip of the glittering and translucent I saw season is pure and fresh spring breeze green moved slowly turned to the poetry of the medicinal flowers set tip a little the quiet of the night the branches pick a few drops of the morning awake a dose of elixir of love already raise colour can call again.The fire pierces through the intestines burning the eyes of despair whether the wine soaked in the five poisons will uproot the poison the words written by Huang Lian cannot be cured as deep as the breach.The warbler dances and dances in the noisy and unquiet movement. The daggersun and the spear have become the hidden injury liver hoarseness of two blood rails.Pinxia river water soak angelica waves write a piece of Heaven whether steamed bread with blood can really cure consumption, scrape the bone, sing a song in a que river red cure my iron and steel bar author: “Read sleep poems selected poet: deep
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