Qionghai strives to have all the 12 towns “credit villages” and “credit towns” listed before the end of June

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New Hainan client, Nanhai Network, Nanguo Metropolis Daily news on March 14 (reporter Su Guijie) recently, the People’s Bank of China Qionghai Sub-branch issued “On promoting the 2022 Qionghai Financial to achieve high-quality development of opinions” (hereinafter referred to as “opinions”), this year qionghai city key financial work has been deployed and arranged,Help qionghai to build the eastern central city and build the province’s economic and social development “fourth pole”.In promoting the financial work, the Opinions adhere to the sound monetary policy should be flexible and moderate, so as to maintain the steady growth of the total amount of loans in the city, the steady optimization of the structure, and the steady reduction of the cost.In 2022, the loan growth rate of the city is higher than the average level of the province and the GDP growth rate of the city, and strive to realize that the loan balance of the city’s industrial parks accounts for 20% of the loan balance of enterprises, and the growth rate is not less than 20%.The amount of loans issued by government investment projects, key provincial and municipal construction projects and enterprises attracting investment was significantly higher than that of last year.We continued to carry out special actions such as “Action to improve financial Service Enterprises in THE Free Trade Port” and “Lending small businesses to serve people’s livelihood”, and made good use of incentives such as financial awards and subsidies and government credit guarantee to promote inclusive finance in the city to achieve “increase in quantity, expand in scope and decrease in price”.In 2022, the growth rate of the balance of small and micro loans for THE whole city will not be less than 20%, and the number of small and micro loans for the whole city will increase by more than 10%.We will adhere to the policy of “taking off the hat and not taking off the hat”, focus on promoting the work of financial advisory groups for “rural revitalization” in villages and households, and actively innovate financing models for new industries and new forms of business such as leisure agriculture, agricultural product processing, beautiful rural tourism, and leisure Marine ranching.To meet the diversified financing needs of the city’s rural characteristic industries, the establishment of tropical characteristic and efficient agriculture demonstration zone, and new agricultural operating entities.In 2022, the growth rate of agriculture-related loans in The city was higher than that of all loans, and the year-on-year growth rate of the number of first loans to rural households was no less than 10%.Steadily promote the construction of rural credit system, and strive to the end of June the city’s 12 towns “credit village” “credit town” all listed, “credit users” all certification.”Opinion” fu can focus on science and technology, to create the qionghai digital pilot demonstration zone as the goal, the whole domain in the side, enterprise and government, individual application and end the whole industry chain, guide the city party and government organs unit to take the lead in using digital currency, promote the city’s consumption, tourism, government service, the service of the people’s livelihood, such as digital construction of the scene,To achieve full coverage of digital RMB application scenarios in 12 towns.Focusing on innovation, we will give priority to supporting the development of science and technology enterprises, “gazelle” enterprises and “specialized and innovative” enterprises in the fields of medicine, medical equipment and Internet of vehicles.Increase financial support for the city’s beautiful villages, green infrastructure construction, distributed photovoltaic power generation and water supply network renovation projects.In 2022, loans to high-tech enterprises and “specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises in The city will achieve steady growth;The growth rate of outstanding green loans should not be lower than that of last year.With a focus on smooth policy transmission, and guided by the principle that “the more honest enterprises are, the more convenient procedures are, and the easier risks are to be controlled”, we will continue to improve exchange rate risk management and exchange rate hedging services, optimize the procedures for overseas students to purchase and pay foreign exchange and the settlement of foreign exchange for overseas employees’ salaries, and enhance our ability to facilitate cross-border payments and expand our business.Support the healthy development of new offshore international trade, reduce the comprehensive financial cost of offshore trade for enterprises, drive the standardized development of offshore trade, and improve the convenience of new offshore trade business.We will provide “barrier-free” cross-border RMB settlement facilities, and steadily raise the level of RMB internationalization.The Opinions adhere to the bottom-line thinking and firmly guard against systemic and regional financial risks.We will strengthen prevention of cross-border financial risks, and prevent illegal activities such as speculation and arbitrage through trade, illegal transfer of funds, and fraudulent bank financing.