Jinshan people, please rest assured!Jinshan epidemic prevention supplies are well stocked!

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“Since last week, we have not been able to meet the demand for elimination products.”Located in Shanghai Carbon Valley Green Bay Industrial Park (former Jinshan Second Industrial Zone), the production line workers and production equipment are put into production in “four shifts and two shifts” to meet the needs of the market.Originally, due to the epidemic, some of the company’s employees need to stay at home quarantine, the rest of the staff are working overtime.As an enterprise providing raw materials for downstream washing and cleaning products manufacturers, after the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for disinfectant products of Shanghai Aowei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. increased sharply.In order to ensure production, the enterprise quickly adjusted the production structure of products, and adjusted the production line of raw materials for other daily chemical products to the production line of raw materials for disinfection and sterilization products, in order to meet the demand for supply.Shanghai Mr Wei chemical co., LTD is a professional manufacture multi-functional enterprise of new surfactants, enterprise products are widely used in shampoo, bath foam, toothpaste, cosmetics and high-grade sanitary products industry, with many domestic and foreign well-known enterprises such as procter & gamble, Johnson & Johnson, l ‘oreal, blue moon, yunnan baiyao has established good relations of cooperation.”People and production lines are skewed towards elimination products.”Yuan Zhiwu, general manager of Aowei Daily Chemical Co., LTD., said that at present, the daily production of disinfection raw materials has reached 150 tons, which can timely supply Shanghai soap, Blue Moon and other enterprises to produce disinfection and cleaning products needed for epidemic prevention and control.And Shengxin (Shanghai) Textile Technology Co., LTD. ‘s 26 mask production lines in the town of Zhangyan, are working overtime to cope with a steady stream of new orders.Wu Jie, head of the company, said, “The recent increase in orders, the company’s production line is also gradually started.At present, the company produces 1 million disposable face masks, 1 million medical masks and 600,000 KN95 medical masks every day.””In terms of production capacity alone, we can fully support the daily needs of residents in the area.”Wu jie said that the company’s warehouse area of 2,500 square meters, for the city, district perennial stock epidemic prevention supplies.At present, the warehouse has 20 million masks, including 3 million KN95 masks, 17 million disposable medical masks, surgical masks and disposable plane masks.The reporter also interviewed the relevant person in charge of the district Economic Commission on the reserve of supplies, the person in charge said that everyone can rest assured that the district has sufficient supplies to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control.Special remind adhere to the “epidemic prevention three-piece” remember “protection five to jointly build the epidemic prevention and control of defense reporter correspondent | | wang qiao month &schwarz edit | Liu Jiayuan coordinating editor | Chen Yiwen in view of the author: Shanghai jinshan