“The first born nine keel, sooner or later will be distinguished”, nine keel is what?Are ancestors good at discerning people?

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The traditional Culture of the Chinese nation is really extensive and profound. In ancient times, there were many industries, the truth of which can not be explained by science, even if forced explanation can not be clearly explained.These things constitute the most interesting part of Chinese culture, and many people are very curious to know whether these things are accurate and whether there is really something like destiny in them.The theory of physiognomy is something that cannot be explained scientifically. People who understand physiognomy can infer a person’s future fate from his physiognomy. Moreover, there is a saying that the first born with nine dragon bones will be distinguished sooner or later.Is there really a story in history where one can infer one’s fate from one’s face?Nine dragon bone after all refers to a person’s face in which part?Is this ancient discrimination accurate or not?Today, we will take a look at the art of physiognomy, even if just to see the bustle, to understand the right.In ancient times, there were special practitioners who could infer the future direction of a person’s life by observing the appearance of a person’s face or hands.There is no scientific explanation for these industries, but they certainly exist for a reason.There are also many common sayings in these industries, such as “it hurts to break your hand”, which many of you have probably heard since childhood.Again for example, there is lifeline, love line and career line on the hand of the person, representing the physical condition, emotional condition and career trend of a person henceforth respectively.Or, the cheekbones on a person’s face could indicate that the person has a hard life.Of course, this is the view of these industry insiders, there is no reason to say another.In history, there are some legends related to face reading.It is said that liu Bang, in the early stage of his business, was not spoken lightly. At that time, he fell in love with a girl, who also took a liking to him, but the girl’s father was always reluctant to marry his daughter to him.Liu Bang had no choice but to pay him a visit. Unexpectedly, the old father-in-law changed his mind as soon as he saw him.When the girl’s father saw Liu Bang, he could see from his face that liu Bang had good luck and was sure to become a great man.In this way, the girl’s father agreed to marry her to Liu Bang.As it turned out, the girl’s father was right. Liu Bang achieved great success and became the most honorable man in the world.There are many more such legends, true or false, but they are enough to prove that there is some basis for the theory.There is a saying that the first born with nine dragon bones, sooner or later, will be dignitaries.That is to say, if a person’s head nine-keel is particularly good, his future fate will be either rich or expensive.The nine dragon bone, grows in the human head, so nine dragon bone is specific where?Take a look.On a person’s face, we take the eyebrows as the boundary, above which there are seven bones that can be called nine dragons, and below which are the remaining two bones.The post-horse bones are on both sides of the cheekbones. The bones here represent a person’s personality. It is said that people with prominent post-horse bones have a very good personality and are easy to get along with.From the direction of these bones, the convolvulus, the dragon’s horn, and so on, the expert could infer the character of a man, and thus the line in which he would succeed.For example, a person with a good personality and outgoing personality is suitable to be a speaker, a host, a sales manager, and a business manager. He can shine in these fields where performance is required, and he can make his own achievements.In the right business, he can do the right thing.In addition, if a person’s bones to show his character calm, careful and cautious, then he is very suitable for writing work, he can give full play to their role in meticulous work, such a person is often able to lead the peer by a lot.Similarly, they can succeed in the right industry.Therefore, the first born nine dragon bone, sooner or later will be distinguished, meaning actually nine dragon bone direction, represents a person’s character.From the dragon bone, physiographers can see a person’s strengths in character and work, so that they can advise them to enter a profession that suits them.How can a person who makes a career out of something that plays to his strengths not succeed?So, sooner or later, you have to be great.Therefore, it is said that the better the keel, the better the fate will be.Some people may question whether it is true to say that the first nine dragon bones are bound to be distinguished sooner or later.Is there any truth in the discrimination of Chinese ancestors?Are these things accurate or not?In fact, there is no clear answer to this question at present, but we can be sure that the industry must have their own basis.In fact, if we look at the problem from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, we can also find that a person’s face can represent a lot of things.Ruddy face, good muscles, his body must be very good, even if the future can not be very rich, fate will not be too bad.But if a person is pale and thin, without energy, it is impossible for him to have a good life in the future.Therefore, the so-called discerning of people does not necessarily mean that there are metaphysical things in it. We, as laymen, may be able to discern a little truth in it from different angles.In the art of distinguishing people, it is said that the first born with nine keels will be distinguished sooner or later. A good nine keels is naturally blessed. Even if it is not, we can change our fate through efforts the day after tomorrow.Although there is some truth in the discrimination of people, who says that the conclusions inferred by the discrimination of people must not be changed?However, we should be in awe of the wisdom left by our ancestors. It is not only the discrimination of people, but also many things passed down from our ancestors that are precious parts of our traditional culture.When foreigners look at Chinese people, they sometimes think it is amazing how Chinese people can infer a person’s future life fate based on his appearance.In fact, people come from different cultural backgrounds, and it’s normal for them to think it’s amazing.Not only for foreigners, but also for us Chinese, when we look at our own culture, sometimes we find it amazing.Therefore, we should have a firm sense of national pride and cultural confidence, and use our cultural soft power to conquer audiences on the world stage.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!