Honghe State focuses on “six big grasp” to promote competition

2022-05-16 0 By

Yunnan Net News (reporter Huang Juchu Rao Yong) February 7, honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture 13 counties and prefecty-level departments of the main leaders gathered in Mengzi, thinking, measures, plan the focus, to “start is the dash, the beginning is the decisive battle” state to ensure steady economic growth in the first half of the year, the whole year smooth operation.GDP grew by 9.1%, industrial added value reached 74.77 billion yuan, and foreign investment from other provinces exceeded 100 billion yuan.Since last year, Honghe Prefecture has coordinated epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, and made solid progress in economic and social stability. The total GDP of Honghe Prefecture has been the third in the province for many years, and the first among the 30 ethnic autonomous prefectures in China.Honghe state Committee, the government stressed that standing at a new starting point, must not be complacent.In the face of achievements, we should not be complacent and blindly optimistic.In the face of the test before there is a model, after the pursuit of soldiers, in the new round of fierce “race” to grab the first opportunity, we must seize every day, do everything well, at the beginning of the year, the first quarter to run out of “acceleration”, strive to seize the “good start”, to the day to protect the month, to protect the season, to protect the year, to hand over qualified answer paper.Through in-depth analysis of weaknesses and advantages, the 13 counties and cities of Honghe Prefecture and relevant departments at the state level have a clear understanding of the situation, problems, gaps and weaknesses, with a sense of urgency of “can’t wait”, a sense of crisis of “can’t wait” and a sense of responsibility of “can’t sit still”.Unswervingly focuses on the “six major focuses” of industrial development, business environment, market players, reform and opening up, innovative development and green development, and supports the high-quality economic development of the prefecture by implementing projects and tasks one by one.”To promote economic development, we must focus on grasping and strengthening industries.At present, there is insufficient support for industrial projects, short industrial chain, low added value, and the advantages of the park platform have not been fully played, which lacks the vitality source for sustainable development.”In the ideological collision, in the aspect of industrial development, Honghe Prefecture put forward to take industrial development as the top priority, through promoting the construction of major projects, the implementation of “chain length system”, promoting the construction of parks and other effective measures, to make the industrial support bigger, better and stronger.”Strive to three years of the provincial party committee proposed business environment to the nation’s top level” goal, honghe vigorously implement business environment crucial action, focus on doing the best on deepening reform, government services on strengthening elements to ensure “multi-pronged”, build business relationship on both “qing” and “kiss”, said to do more, talk less will not do, can’t do, set up the mechanism of “red HeiBang”,We will further strengthen services, improve processes and improve efficiency, and promote a competitive business environment.A 9 percent increase in GDP, 13 percent increase in value-added, and more than 15 percent increase in total foreign trade.Around the goals and tasks in the New Year, honghe will to carry out “bear work rushed across the big discussion” as an opportunity to fully stimulate the party members and cadres and the masses of all nationalities director passion and a sense of mission and sense of responsibility, to further build, passion, scrambling to try to overtake each other in thick atmosphere, to change a style of big push work implement, big ascension.