What does the life after trichomadesis need notice?

2022-05-15 0 By

After alopecia in addition to follow the doctor’s advice, oneself can also improve from the aspect of living habits, to alopecia prevention and treatment.Today, I will tell you what needs to be paid attention to in life after hair loss, to prevent and treat hair loss.Make sure you finish it for your hair.Above all, in spirit and mood respect, everybody must maintain cheerful mood, because produced trichomadesis very nervous, very anxious, what can bring about trichomadesis only so aggravates further.Maintain cheerful mood only, relaxed state of mind, assure sufficient morpheus, ability can better prevent and cure trichomadesis.Next, also should notice a little in nutrition respect a few, balanced absorb a few vitamins, protein and microelement as far as possible, avoid the intake of food of a few tall oil, tall fat, resemble partial food, excessive diet also is adverse to preventing trichomadesis.There are some spicy and stimulating diet is also likely to cause acute hair loss aggravation.The third point, scientific hair washing and hair care means, but also can alleviate our hair loss symptoms to a certain extent.When washing hair, you can try to choose some non-silicone oil products to reduce the exuberant secretion of oil in our hair.Dye hair perm to 1 to 2 times a year is appropriate, should not be too often.If you like to wear a high ponytail, or like to braid your hair too tight, these can also lead to tension alopecia.So suggest everybody does not tie ponytail everyday, perhaps weave a few too tight dish hair.Fourth, if hair loss is secondary, treatment of the primary disease is also critical.For example, like some tinea capitis, alopecia folliculitis, only after controlling the primary disease, hair loss is likely to improve.Fifth, if it is a drug related hair loss can be adjusted according to the condition.If there is no adjustment, the hair loss will usually recover after the medication is stopped.Finally, if you have hair loss problems, you can ask me in a private message or in the comments section, and I will give you some suggestions for improvement based on your hair loss.Thank you for your likes and comments.