The municipal government held the ninth plenary (enlarged) meeting

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Jiaodong online on February 11th (correspondent Yitay) on February 11th morning, yantai municipal party committee deputy secretary and mayor Zheng Deyan nine times all chaired a municipal government (expand) meeting, study the government work report drafting and implementation of the city’s “bottom line direction rules Ming Ming Ming, strong bear strong ability strong execution” conference spirit.The meeting heard a report on the drafting of the government work report and discussed the Government Work Report (Discussion draft).Conference pointed out that this year’s government work report is important documents of the working of government, to guide the next five years to seriously implement the jinping new era Chinese characteristics socialism, anchor “comprehensive start, at the forefront,” always adhere to the “three goeth before”, total AIDS to navigation, positioning, a comprehensive study and implement the central, provincial party committee, municipal committee of the economic work conference spirit,We will implement the work report of the provincial government, the 14th Five-Year Plan of the Municipal Government and a series of three-year action plans, objectively summarize achievements, plan for the future in a scientific way, further improve positioning and standards, strive for excellence in matters, seize the flag, and strive to create a new situation in building a strong socialist modern city in the new era.The meeting stressed that the city’s “clear direction, clear rules and clear bottom line, strong responsibility and strong ability to implement” conference is a very important meeting held in the New Year when the work is fully launched, the conference gathered consensus, temper the style of work, boost confidence.The municipal government system should quickly unify its thoughts and actions into the arrangement and deployment of the Municipal Party Committee, accurately grasp the objectives, tasks and measures proposed at the meeting, creatively implement them, and put “clear direction, clear rules and clear bottom line, strong responsibility and strong ability to implement” throughout all work.We will thoroughly carry out the “Year of Capacity building and Conduct Building” activities, and take effective measures to improve our services, capacity building, enforcement, discipline, and bottom line.We need to coordinate all current work to ensure a “good start” to the first quarter of the year, make careful preparations for important meetings and events, provide quality services for the resumption of work and production of enterprises, do a solid job in spring agricultural production, and ensure a good start to the work of the whole year.