“The most powerful voice of the Olympic Games” “double board”, this talented woman will continue to perform miracles?

2022-05-15 0 By

Can you believe snowboarding and then double snowboarding at the Winter Olympics?Esther Ledezka of the Czech Republic, 26, did it!Also have won the championship in the 2018 Olympic winter games in pyeongchang who also won snowboarding parallel g alpine skiing super g two champions the two games on the technical characteristics has certain similarities but one is another is such double plate across a single Olympics games is very rare on the two projects of blackrock’s Mr. Card is the most good at is veneer but in not an unbelievableGood at double plate project she also “play” no one to reach the heights in pyeongchang Olympics when she super g women’s alpine skiing in the world ranking only 43rd her skis is out of the question in the final game of temporary borrowed American athletes skis participating eventually defeated many star shock staged a “snow miracle” brad, the Beijing Olympics, a card to continue the item”Double repair” duathlon on the 8th,In between the genting ski park who successfully defend the snowboarding parallel g 11 11 when the rider’s card in yanqing division will be participating in the alpine skiing women’s super giant slalom “only two days to adjust I will replace the equipment as soon as possible to switch to the double plate ski mode” if alpine skiing project also defending successful ryder, card will become the winter Olympics in history to achieve two component both defendingLedezka has no problem switching from one sport to another. Does she prefer snowboarding or double snowboarding at heart?”I’m not going to distinguish double identity is my label I like to do two things at the same time feeling maybe today I am in training veneer tomorrow will go to alpine skiing competition I like constantly switching status but it sounds very impulse is the way of what I like” will be impossible possible is the charm of the Olympic “snow miracle will happen?”Let’s see!