Met Poetry Met You was published

2022-05-15 0 By

Guizhou Culture Net news (Ran Jing, Huang Yawen) The poetry collection “Met Poetry met You” of zhao Shijiang (pen name Jiang Ge), excellent emotional poet in Guizhou province, was recently published by Reading culture Publishing House.According to zhao Shi Jiang (pen name Jiang Ge) simple and straight zhi style, good at moving in silence with affection, causing tears, is a very down-to-earth literary original author.From his poetry collection published this time “met poetry met you”, the reader will understand that from his pen out of every poem and every article, are full of strong true feelings.Whether it is about family love or love, it is not about natural scenery or feelings of family and country.There was a flow of truth in every word.Editor: Li Ru