Licang District: Haichuang Huishui Road plot latest planning publicity!Five plots will be residential and commercial

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Qingdao Natural Resources and Planning Bureau today released the latest licang District south of Huishui Road, hanchuan Road on both sides of the land project planning and building scheme before the approval of the public.According to the latest planning, the project is located in the south of Huishui Road, on both sides of Hanchuan Road, on the west side of Xinhai Garden Miluo Bay, and on the east side of Dongli Taoyuan. The construction unit is Qingdao Haichuang Real Estate Co., LTD.The project has a total land area of 203,855 square meters and a total construction area of 352,638 square meters. It is divided into 5 plots. It plans to build multi-storey residential and commercial buildings, and at the same time, it plans to build one kindergarten of 15 classes and one primary school of 30 classes.According to the small editor, the plot where the project is located was acquired by Qingdao Haichuang Real Estate Co., Ltd. in the middle of 2020. This planning announcement is the new progress after one and a half years of land acquisition.The residential building area is about 106,500 square meters, including 28 6-7F commercial houses (19 7F+9 6F), and 3 6-7F talent apartments.According to the planning announcement, the living space of the project will be arranged along the South Xishui Road, combined with mountain view resources, to create a quiet living atmosphere.The commercial building area is about 96,500 square meters. It will be arranged along the Huishui Road in the north, combined with the landscape of Licunhe Greenway to create waterfront vitality axis, gather people and radiate to drive regional development on both sides.In terms of supporting public services, the project includes school, kindergarten, community comprehensive service center, community farmers’ market, community sports center, community cultural center, secondary day food center, health station, party and mass service station, etc. In addition, three pocket parks are planned to meet the needs of residents for daily leisure activities.To be the project into the market, east Li plate will add a super market!Reporter: Guangxia