Is face washed even after emulsion fills skin?

2022-05-15 0 By

After lotion irrigation, you should wash your face.1. Skin irrigation is to use a lot of emulsions to effectively relieve dry skin and replenish enough energy for the skin that lacks nutrients for a long time.However, the nutrition absorbed by the skin is limited. After the time of lotion irrigation, the skin has reached a saturation state, and the remaining lotion on the skin must be washed away.2, but it should be noted that the facial cleaning after lotion irrigation means washing your face with water. After skin irrigation, you can not use cleanser and other cleaning products to clean.After the end of skin irrigation, there will still be some residual lotion attached to the face.Gently wash it off with clean water.After washing the face, it is ok to protect skin to taste a whole set of basic care on besmear again, the whole skin filling process is completed.3, also know whether every kind of skin is suitable for skin irrigation oh, if it is too dry skin, or the skin condition is very good, it is not recommended to skin irrigation, skin irrigation is more suitable for oily skin, or mixed skin.Skin irrigation is another very important point is the amount of emulsion is very important, if not up to the amount, it will affect the effect.In the skin should be more pat massage, promote absorption.