WE1:2 lost to UP, started Xiyexiye, failed to lead the team to win, missed the playoffs

2022-05-14 0 By

Congratulations to UP first, go further on the road to the west, win two in a row, win again in the next game, it is very likely to succeed in the west.At present, TES and RA are the successful teams in the west. Whether UP can wake UP in the east like them depends on the next one.Let’s talk about WE first. After all, today’s focus is on Xiye.After last year’s announcement of Xi Night’s return to the network, many fans are expecting xi Night to play this season.As expected did not let everyone down, today started, although a little late, but can see him start, I believe the fans are still very happy.Unfortunately, Xiye failed to lead WE to victory, just like Uzi came back that day and also failed to lead BLG to victory.Xi Night this field, playing really not bad, but some people can not move.Actually, three seconds ago, WE gave us an idea, that is, at the start of the match, let Xi Night play.I don’t care if it’s on or shanks is on, but IT’s better if it’s on.After all, hit so many years, the hero pool is also very deep, you see the tiger said to turn on not turn on.After all, Shanks isn’t that bad, so working together might work wonders.The main thing is that Biubiu didn’t play well in the previous match. Anyway, they lost. It’s better to give it a try than to mess up like this.I don’t know why WE didn’t try that.To say that the FPX team is the problem of poor communication with Korean aid, then you WE have no obstacle at all.Previous losses, either on the single Biubiu problems, or playing wild sad fight like bought.Then there are the start-to-finish games, where teams stand out without a conductor.We were 1-9 and probably out of the playoffs. I never thought we’d be this bad this season.Now that it’s all done, let one of xiye and Shanks try it, or let the new player in the singles field try it.What if it works? We’ll be ready to talk about it.Let’s move on to UP. UP was a promising team three seconds ago.The four dark horses OMG, FPX, IG and UP are all made UP of new young players, and now it looks like all four teams are in one place.Cryin’s damage is the first in LPL, the other several people’s operation is no problem, but the result did not go up.Anyone who has seen them play knows that this team goes to the head too easily.I guess they’re all young and fresh.Most of the time, is to have an advantage, a chaotic top, one by one to send, finally lost the game.Like today’s third, on the highland push to finish, but must go up strong open, finally came a wave of extinction, almost overturned.If you want to move on, it’s okay to be bold, but sometimes you have to be steady.Can’t have a little advantage, dare to drive, this is not far.In fact, the division of labor of this team is very clear, it is easy to go to the head.Refueling, after the western expedition and the northern expedition, every way can not be wrong.Above, 13 seconds to bring you the latest information, like a point of attention.For more exciting content, follow Liu Sanseciao