The latest!The underground space project of Changjiang Road in west Coast New Area has been completed and will open in October this year

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On the evening of January 26, construction workers are busy marking the ground line on the most prosperous section of the Yangtze River in Qingdao west Coast New Area.At 23:00, the last section of road marking was completed.At this point, the main project of underground space development project of Changjiang Road was successfully completed, and the section from Nali Mountain Road to Taihang Mountain, which was originally open to traffic, resumed two-way traffic, and citizens went shopping more smoothly before the festival.The new District has implemented the underground space development project of Changjiang Road in order to solve the problems of interweaving of people and vehicles, ground congestion, traffic congestion and accidents, and provide space support for the interchange and transfer of Subway Line 13 and Line 1 here.The underground space development project fully draws lessons from the experience of similar cities in China, and in line with the principle of saving land resources and seeking underground space, plans and builds a large number of comprehensive commercial buildings, cultural and entertainment facilities, shopping and consumption areas, dining and leisure areas, etc.At the same time, also with the full consideration through this road subway line 1 and line 13 of the feeder, and both the ground K1 and so on more than 20 normal and micro mechanism question of bus lines, built the ground traffic and subway, underground commercial body parallel, noninterference, efficient and safe transportation landscape, meet residents travel leisure sightseeing multi-level demand,Will become a citizen to travel again “net red card place”.The project is located in the core section of Yangtze Road, including the above-ground road and underground facilities, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan.With a total length of 1300 meters and a width of 50 meters, and a total construction area of 100,000 square meters, it is a commercial and trade complex integrating commercial catering, cultural entertainment and social services.At the same time, equipped with a large parking lot that can accommodate 880 parking Spaces, to solve the problem of parking in the downtown business district.Along the ground, there are yilong Hotel, City building, Jusco, McKelle, Jili, Century Trade City, Jiayuan and other business bodies, which are very popular.Jinggangshan Road underground subway hub station, line 13 and Line 1 in this convenient transfer.The whole project, located in the golden corner of the land, will form a “Chang ‘an Avenue” for cultivating the new district by connecting the dense business districts above ground and underground with a string of beads and group operation.At the same time, the subway, ground bus and the commercial complex of the ground and underground seamless connection, resource sharing, mutual benefit.In order to facilitate the access of citizens on both sides of the road and the ground, underground space is distributed along the 6 24-hour street crossing channels, the radiation radius is only about 100 meters.And in the north and south and east and west, respectively, set up supporting induction escalator, channel arrangement of lighting, air conditioning, monitoring, ventilation, security, cleaning and other safeguard measures.Vertical ladders have also been set up at municipal intersections of Lushan Road, Jinggangshan Road and Wuyishan Road to provide crossing conditions for disabled people.In order to achieve the purpose of mutual non-interference, the changjiang Road section in the road, on both sides of the non-motorized lanes and on both sides of the sidewalk set up five isolation guardrail, through a variety of guidance and signs, so that pedestrians in a convenient, comfortable and safe traffic environment.The concentric underground space development project of Changjiang Road, with its large engineering volume, high technical standards and difficult construction, has attracted the attention of citizens and all walks of life because it is the first time in Qingdao to adopt the way of crossing the street to solve the urban disease of traffic congestion.The leaders of the district Work Committee and management Committee personally deploy, command and dispatch, and hold the project construction scheduling meeting, coordination meeting and promotion meeting for the project construction.As the leading department, the District Transport Bureau selected 8 professional and technical backbone to form the project attack team, always staring at the construction line standing supervision, to provide service guarantee and escort for the construction party.And twice held the project expert consultation meeting, the public hearing, widely listen to experts and the public opinions, for the construction of the project, has solved the traffic organization, vehicle flow, material transportation, environmental noise, safety and other problems of more than 80.District housing construction, urban management, development zone traffic police, public utilities, Yangtze Road street and other departments and units, conscientiously perform their duties, give full play to their respective advantages, all give the green light for the project construction, work together to remove all kinds of factors affecting the construction.Along the residential areas, commercial outlets, administrative office, hotels and office workers, and citizens, in the long construction period and the underground, travel affected cases, consciously know wisely from the big picture and work closely with support understand the construction of the project, in succession in the prophase project demonstration ideas, created a good social public opinion environment for project completion.Qingdao subway commercial space development company, build the company and other contractors, carries forward the dare to fight, bears hardships and stands hard work, spirit of tiejun, adhering to the “love in the new area, new district, the construction of new city” service concept, use mature experience in underground space construction, overcome the construction problems during the winter, use of new materials, new technology, new process, careful construction, meticulous,Committed to creating century-old quality projects, contributed wisdom to the project construction.It is expected to open in October. The road in the core area of the middle section of Changjiang Road has realized the completely closed traffic management of “machine not branch” and “separation of people and vehicles”, which is rare in Qingdao and even in first-tier cities.The underground space combines the construction of subway and municipal public facilities, saving space resources and creating a new model for three-dimensional transportation management.In particular, the policy support of the government and the investment of social forces in the construction of urban infrastructure have explored new ideas and opened up new ways for the future urban construction of new areas, and set up a model of simultaneous promotion of social benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits.At present, when the ground transportation of the project is restored and the main underground facilities are completed, the next construction will enter the stages of installation of facilities and equipment, landscape upgrading, greening and lighting and store investment promotion.It mainly covers wind power heating, elevator and fire equipment installation, entrance and exit construction, interior facilities decoration, ground landscape improvement, etc. It is expected to open in October 2022.At that time, when the underground space is put into use, it will effectively drive the prosperity of the new District’s commercial circulation industry, inject new vitality and add new momentum to the economic and social development of the new District, and become another beautiful name card of the prosperous commercial area of the new District.