Post-doctoral positions in chemistry, materials, biology, medicine, biomedicine and other fields are needed

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Chen Dong’s research group, Institute of Chemical Machinery, College of Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University, was established in 2016. Its main research fields include microfluidic, 3D printing, soft materials, etc. In recent years, Chen Dong’s research group has been published in Advanced Materials, Nano Today,Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., ACS Nano and other high-level journals published a series of papers, all of the postdoctoral students published the first area papers as the first author.Due to the research needs, we are now recruiting 2 postdoctoral researchers at home and abroad.Personal homepage: group home page: a, background preferred energy, have one direction such as catalytic or biological research background.Chemistry, physics, materials, engineering and other related research background is also available.1.Physical and mental health, the domestic and foreign well-known university or research institute related major doctor’s degree soon or graduated within 4 years;2.I have published 2 SCI academic papers (first author or corresponding author) in the past five years. I have strong research ability and development potential, and can carry out research independently under the guidance of my supervisor.3.Excellent style of study and strong team spirit;4.Good communication, reading and writing skills in English and Chinese.1.Jointly trained by Zhejiang University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, annual salary is more than 300,000 yuan;2.Post-doctoral staff who have not confirmed professional and technical positions can be confirmed corresponding intermediate professional and technical positions after entering the station;3.Provide good scientific research conditions, guidance and assistance to publish high-level papers and apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, support to participate in relevant academic conferences at home and abroad, and can recommend academic cooperation in foreign cooperation units;4.Postdoctoral work outbound leave hangzhou enjoy hangzhou talent policy (400000 in subsidies), see outstanding personnel, can help solve the establishment.Please send your resume and related attachments (including copies of degree certificates, professional title certificates and other certificates) to the applicant.Representative papers reflecting my academic level) should be sent to with the subject line “Apply for a Post-Doctoral degree — my name”.After the qualification review, interview assessment, recruitment.Source: Frontiers of Polymer Science