PSBC: Spring Festival financial services warm people’s hearts

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Yellow River News Network Changzhi news: online and offline combined security financial services “not closed”, launched “New Year, new money” convenience services, carry out financial knowledge publicity and popularization activities, write fu to send Spring Festival couplets to celebrate the New Year, for the local New Year to send warm people…As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger approaches, branches of THE Postal Savings Bank of China are taking various measures to provide heart-warming services while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and helping people enjoy a peaceful and happy New Year with financial strength.To effectively prevent and control the epidemic during the Spring Festival, PSBC institutions at all levels attached great importance to changes in the epidemic situation, strictly implemented epidemic prevention requirements, managed travel, prepared epidemic prevention and control materials, arranged on-site prevention and control, and made emergency on-duty arrangements, so as to build a solid epidemic prevention and control network.In the face of the epidemic, PSBC Beijing Branch is monitoring the health of its employees on a daily basis.All business outlets within its jurisdiction strictly implement prevention and control measures of “three lines of defense” in front of doors, halls and counters, and guide customers to wear masks, check temperature and scan codes, and maintain social distancing.At the same time, the bank’s branches in low-risk areas have opened “green channels” for elderly people over 60.For the elderly customers who are inconvenient to use mobile phone code scanning, the branch staff will help them to use the function of “health code for the elderly and the young” to practice the temperature-assisted elderly service.To ensure cash supply during the Spring Festival, the Beijing branch of POSTAL Savings Bank prepared over 2 billion yuan of newly sealed certificates to fully meet customers’ cash needs.Recently, the post office bank Beijing branch facility outlets foreign pay cash is given priority to with new stamps, the income of cash put alone, workplaces, office supplies, equipment and cash box, the article such as a cash machine disinfection sterilization, the use of ultraviolet disinfection lamp of cash for centralized disinfection, guarantee the customer use “trust money”.At the end and beginning of each year, the demand for financial services such as cash withdrawal, currency exchange, transfer and remittance, credit card consumption and financial management increases significantly.How to do a good job in the Spring Festival financial services during the epidemic prevention and control period is a test of the guarantee ability of banks.Make overall arrangements for the business hours of branches and maintain the normal operation of self-service channels;Arrange Windows and counters to handle external business;Reasonably arrange capital allocation and cash transaction personnel to meet customers’ financial service needs;Carry out “New Year, new money” and other convenient services;Set up cash change counters and green channels…PSBC branches have strengthened financial service guarantee and continued to provide heartwarming financial services to the people.Online, PSBC will make every effort to ensure that personal online banking, mobile banking and other channels provide 7×24 hours of uninterrupted service;Through the national customer service number “95580”, the remote banking Center provides individual and corporate customers with telephone banking self-service voice service, manual agent consultation and complaint acceptance services to meet customer service needs through multiple channels.At the same time, PSBC provides professional, convenient and high-quality financial services online and offline, and selects and sells a variety of financial products on commission, such as cash management products such as “Small change Treasure”, “Wealth Treasure” and “Daily Rise”, net worth products such as “Hongyun” and “Hongjin”, theme products such as “Benefiting Farmers” and financial products for private customers.Customers can purchase through various channels such as postal savings Bank branches, mobile banking and personal online banking.On the eve of the Spring Festival, in order to protect people’s “food basket” and “rice bag”, the account managers of PSBC branches visited farmers’ professional cooperatives, agricultural enterprises and other agriculture-related business entities, and actively met their financial service needs.Caidian district, Wuhan city, Hubei province, a professional agricultural cooperative, the production of beans in the local small reputation.”During the Spring Festival, demand for bean silk supplies increased.We need funds to purchase raw materials, but the downstream payment has a certain account period, so the demand for funds is very urgent.Thanks to the postal Savings Bank’s loan support, it helped us solve the cash flow problem.”With the support of the Postal Savings Bank, the beans and silk produced by the cooperative are now on the dining tables of more People in Wuhan, the person in charge of the cooperative said.During the epidemic prevention and control, many people chose to celebrate the Spring Festival locally.In response, PSBC has taken a series of measures to improve the happiness of local people and make the Festival more enjoyable.The style of the couplets and the word “fu”, let the flavor of the New Year on the paper.The Free Trade Zone branch of Postal Savings Bank in Hefei, Anhui province, invited calligraphers to write Spring Festival couplets and send the Chinese character “fu” (福) to customers who spend the Spring Festival there.At the event site, customers were given Spring Festival couplets and “fu”, feeling the charm of traditional culture in thick ink.The picture shows: Guxiang Street branch staff in Harbin, Heilongjiang province.The location of PSBC branch in Guxiang Street, Harbin city, Heilongjiang Province, is one of the concentrated living areas for migrant workers in Harbin city.This year, the bank carefully arranged the network environment, sent Spring Festival lucky bags for local customers, and created a lucky red envelope wall of “2022 New Year wishes” to carry out the lucky lottery.PSBC Dongguan Branch in Guangdong province co-organized “Guan Yi Send Love Home”, a public welfare activity called “Safe Home” in Dongguan, and distributed “Love Gift packages” to migrant workers’ families, which were sent to all parts of the country by love mail.The picture shows: Dongguan Branch of Guangdong province co-organized a public welfare activity and distributed nut gift boxes, books, stationery sets, New Year postcards and face masks to migrant workers’ families.Recently, the “Light up micro wish Wings Dream Voyage” caring for migrant children in Xiamen love gift package distribution activity launched.PSBC Xiamen Branch staff delivered love packages to students and brought vivid financial knowledge to them.The children smiled as they listened to the vivid explanation and saw the rich and varied gifts.During the Spring Festival, financial fraud and other illegal financial activities are prone to occur.In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, PSBC branches help the masses to understand financial knowledge through various forms of publicity, and create a strong atmosphere of jointly building financial security defense.”What a great activity!We learned real financial knowledge and anti-fraud tips, not to give criminals an opportunity.”In recent days, PSBC Shanghai Yangpu District Branch staff went into the community, with police, medical staff and other jointly carried out the “hospital into the park to warm people’s hearts, financial anti-fraud build peace of mind, wisdom life increase joy of heart” activities, publicized financial anti-fraud cases, answer questions of concern to people, jointly build anti-fraud “firewall”.In Hebei province, PSC Shijiazhuang Branch actively organized the “Prevention of illegal fund-raising” learning micro salon and other activities, publicity personnel went to shopping malls, parks, township markets and other places, targeted at different groups of people to publicize common methods of illegal fund-raising, to enhance the public awareness of risk prevention.In Ningbo, PSBC Ningbo Branch joined hands with Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau rail traffic branch, to carry out the “anti-fraud together, Fu Hu together” anti-fraud propaganda activities in the Spring Festival, through cloud topics, cloud teaching and other ways, for citizens to popularize anti-fraud knowledge.(Yang xu)