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Wang Lili, 28, has no partner, and living in a small city, she would be urged to marry by her family.Wang Lili was urged to marry by her parents.To say that Wang Lili is a famous university graduate, long can not be said to be the most beautiful, but, absolutely belong to the middle.And a good job.How could such a person not have a partner?Wang Lili is also very distressed, why has not met their satisfaction?Even her colleagues were worried about her, hoping that Wang could get married as soon as possible.If thirty years old has not married, that is no problem of the old leftover female.Wang Lili is not in a hurry on the surface and says that there is nothing wrong with not getting married. However, her heart is also longing for love.Of course it’s with the right person.One day, Wang Lili was very happy.So did her colleagues, because last night, she went on a blind date.She was set up by a colleague.She was particularly pleased with the young man.The young man’s name is Liu Jun. He works in a public institution.He looks good, but he’s older, 32.For Wang lili, being older doesn’t matter because Liu Jun is her type, tall, handsome and with a baby face.It can be said that this is Wang Lili’s dream lover.Wang Lili is very satisfied with Liu Jun, but what is the attitude towards Wang Lili?This is what Wang Lili is worried about.However, on the night of the blind date, shortly after returning home, he texted her, saying he had finally arrived and wanted to be with her.And he wants to propose to her.Wang Lili wanted to say yes, but she thought it was too soon to propose on the first date.He also showed a lack of reserve.She told each other, we get along for half a year and then if there is no problem after half a year, we will get married.During this period, the two of them communicate constantly and develop feelings for each other.Once Wang Lili went to a reunion with her boyfriend, Liu Jun. It was at this reunion that Liu Jun left for a while and came back with a flower in his hand.Then, singing a little song, he went to Wang Lili, knelt down on one knee and asked her if she would marry him.Liu jun is clearly proposing marriage.Wang Lili accepted Liu jun’s proposal amid the heckling of her classmates.The two decided that they would get married the following month.Wang Lili finally has a date, and her classmates are happy for her.On the wedding day, many relatives and friends came.Wang Lili and Liu Jun entertained their relatives and drank a lot of wine.In the evening, Wang Lili did not expect Liu Jun fell asleep.As a matter of fact, she was sleepy too, and fell asleep when she saw Liu Jun sleeping.The next morning, however, she felt as if something was missing.All say bridal chamber flower candle night, spring night a moment value daughter, did not think of their bridal chamber, two people are drowsy past.Before getting married, Wang Lili had always been a virgin. What would happen on her wedding night?This is also the moment she considers the best.However, helpless is his husband Liu Jun drunk.However, she soon put these displeasure to forget, because tonight can also be married.In the afternoon she also deliberately to the vegetable market to do a table of good food.After work, Liu Jun saw that his wife had cooked so many delicious dishes that he praised her for her workmanship.However, liu Jun received a phone call after dinner, saying that his friend had something urgent and asked him to go out.Wang Lili was a little disappointed, but there was nothing she could do.However, she had a second thought, just take this opportunity to dress up and give Liu jun a beautiful wedding night.Wang Lili dressed herself well. It was late before her husband, Liu Jun, came back.When Liu Jun saw that his wife had not slept, he said, “I drank too much last night. Today I have a cold, in order not to infect you.”Why don’t I sleep in the living room?Wang Lili a little unhappy, however, the husband is really for their own good ah.Thought of here she took her husband’s quilt to the living room, let her husband have a good rest in the living room.After a few days, Wang Lili felt that her husband should be well.She wanted her husband to go back to bed.But, embarrassed to say, she directly carried Liu Jun’s quilt to the bed.Liu Jun quickly hid outside the living room to watch TV.Wang lili thinks her husband doesn’t want to sleep with her because he is too tired and can’t rest well.She did not force Liu Jun.Think of the coming days, might as well wait.After a month of waiting, Liu Jun had not yet completed his marriage. Wang Lili cried grievously, but she had no one to talk to.What is it about?Discover husband and other man intimate why does husband Liu Jun refuse to be in the same room with oneself all the time?Wang Lili or tell this thing bestie xiaoqing.Small fine very surprised, she said not?You have been married for a month, but you still haven’t slept with your husband. Is there anything wrong with your husband?One word awakens a dreamer.Yes, her husband Liu Jun may not be physically ill, but there is another secret?Thinking of this, she planned to secretly follow her husband.That evening, as usual, she called her husband to ask if he would be home for dinner later.The husband said the company was busy, so he didn’t go home for dinner.After the phone call wang Lili rushed to the door of her husband’s company, trying to secretly follow her husband.She saw her husband leave work and then quietly followed him.Her husband walked into a cafe, and she found a corner and hid.It was in this corner that she saw something like a bolt from the blue.There was a woman waiting for her husband in a cafe. They met and kissed each other. The man who made out with her husband turned out to be a man.Wang Lili exposed Liu Jun Wang Lili suddenly understood, no wonder her husband with his roommate?What to do?She still secretly took some photos, and took photos of Liu Jun and the man dating.She left after it was done, because they were so disgusting that she didn’t want to look at them for a minute.When Wang Lili got home, she sat on the sofa and waited for Liu Jun to return.Liu Jun came back very late, he found that this time Wang Lili was not the same as usual, he felt that Wang Lili should be angry with himself.He sighed and said, when will this work stop?He also thought of disguise.However, he can not continue to disguise, because Wang Lili took out the photo, threw it to Liu Jun, it happened to be liu Jun’s picture of intimacy.After Liu Jun saw this, he knew that the matter had been exposed, and he did not need to quibble.Wang Lili said divorce?Liu jun knelt down to Wang Lili and said he hoped Wang Lili could give him some time and he would take care of it.However, Wang Lili’s heart is dead, she thought of two big men, she is sick.The marriage is in divorce.She sued Liu Jun for divorce.The judge found Wang Lili understand the insider Wang Lili sued for divorce, is to say that Liu Jun did not and she in the name of husband and wife, husband and wife life, so, the marriage must leave.Wang also claimed 100,000 yuan in emotional compensation.The judge was puzzled that the young couple were getting divorced after only a month of marriage.The reason for divorce turned out to be an affair.If the affair appeared before marriage, why did Wang Lili marry?If later, newly married, Liu Jun development affair is too fast.Could It be that Wang Lili made up a reason for divorce?The judge can only interview Wang Lili, after the meeting, the judge said straight to the point.You say your husband is having an affair. Do you have any proof?After hearing the word “evidence”, Wang lili said that I stalked my husband and took a photo, which I deleted by mistake.The judge felt that Wang lili might have been lying.He said you could accidentally delete such an important photo?You know what you’re asking for is divorce and compensation, and it’s hard to get it approved without proof.Hear the judge say so, Wang Lili want to tell the truth?She took out her cell phone, pulled out the photo and showed it to the judge.When the judge saw it, he couldn’t imagine it. It was two men making out, you know?There was a man, Liu Jun, wang Lili’s husband.Wang said she didn’t want to provide the photos because she was afraid her friends and family would laugh at her because she had told them how nice her husband was.Now she is such a person, she is afraid of other people laugh at her.The judge got the news, he thought is in the marriage, Liu Jun cheated on the woman, but, Liu Jun is clearly this situation, why did he cheat Wang Lili?What the hell is going on?The judge felt it necessary to ask Liu Jun for clarification.After he found Liu Jun, he said to liu Jun, Wang Lili is a good girl. She married you just because she wanted to marry you and have children with you. It is not proper for you to treat her like this.Hear the judge say so, Liu Jun also said his secret situation.He said he was also a victim. His parents divorced and he grew up with his father.His father had taught him not to trust any woman.Influenced by his father, his sexual orientation also changed.To his surprise, his father, who had told him from an early age that he did not trust any woman, wanted him to get married.She’s in her 30s, and she doesn’t have a girlfriend.His colleagues and friends, too, were poking around behind his back.It is in this helpless situation, he chose to date, after meeting Wang Lili, he felt Wang Lili is a good woman living at home, he wanted to marry this woman.The final verdict, however, is that habits acquired over the years cannot be changed in a day.He wanted to slowly change his sexual orientation, but before he could, he was photographed by Wang Lili.It came out, and now Wang Lili wants to divorce him.Since Wang did not agree to mediation, the two had to face each other in court.Liu did not agree to the divorce, saying their relationship had not broken down and he hoped the marriage could continue.But Wang is determined to get a divorce, saying she was tricked into marrying Liu.If I had known this, I would have stayed single.So, in the face of two people’s different demands, how should the judge mediate?This is legal basis, Liu Jun knows he likes same sex before marriage.However, in this case, he still won Wang Lili’s trust.He made a false impression of liking Wang Lili and wanted to marry wang Lili. After marriage, he did not fulfill his duty as a husband.This behavior had caused the breakdown of the couple’s relationship, so they were granted a divorce.Liu Jun saw the marriage must leave the case, he put forward a, if not to divorce, need to let Wang Lili back his 110,000 yuan.Eighty thousand is the bride price, thirty thousand is the jewelry money.Should the 110,000 be returned or not?Mr. Liu’s lawyers argued that the two men did not live together and should be returned.The judge gave that wang Lili should not return, because she is the victim, she married at the beginning, is to give Liu Jun’s livelihood, give birth to children for the purpose.There is no fault in her, and she has been living with Liu Jun as his wife after marriage, but Liu Jun did not fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of her husband.So, in this case, it’s not like there’s no living together.If there is cheating, it is Also Liu Jun cheated Wang Lili.Therefore, the final judge also rejected Liu Jun’s request to return 110,000 yuan proposal.As for wang Lili’s claim of 100,000 yuan for mental damages, considering that Wang Lili is indeed a victim, and her mind has been hit differently because of this marriage.At the same time, it also brought damage to her reputation, and the court finally decided to let Liu jun compensate Wang Lili 30,000 yuan of emotional damages.Marriage is a big event, not a joke, no matter who, met Wang Lili such things, are enough disgusting, Wang Lili should ask for compensation.If Liu Jun is not ready for marriage, he should not agree to marry his wife.Different rooms after marriage, there must be a problem.This kind of thing can not be hidden, and eventually it is exposed, why?Even if you lose money, you deserve it.