Mom drops her baby on the edge of a bridge, and the next, delivery guy turns into a hero

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On January 24, a young mother was wandering on a bridge in Luzhou Tuo, Sichuan Province, when she suddenly put her baby on the ground and turned around and stepped onto the guardrail.A bus driver called the police after a food delivery man jumped out of his scooter and ran towards the woman, pulling her back from the line of death.A taxi driver stopped to join the rescue;A private car owner braked his car and picked up the crying baby girl.Traffic police a brigade, traffic police three brigade and beicheng police station police rushed to, many people, the mother and daughter to the police, silently leave.In the team of food delivery boys, they are not well educated, but they work hard and have a strong sense of social responsibility.In order to encourage the riders not only to do their job well, but also to help people around them and make contributions to society, Meituan specially awarded the hero’s younger brother 10,000 yuan.They are working hard in one city, doing ordinary delivery services, but bringing great convenience to consumers.They hope to integrate into the city through their own hard work and become a capable, ambitious and responsible “new urban youth”.While doing a good job in the service work, they continue to learn cultural knowledge through various channels, receive various skills training, and constantly improve their professional quality, and some become the leader in urban employment and entrepreneurship.There are some positive stories about this team every day. They can not only deliver food to provide services, but also become heroes in the city to help others at the critical moment.So why does this mother have a baby and want to kill herself?Mothers who have had the experience of taking care of children can deeply appreciate the sadness of taking care of children.My emotions are very unstable, especially after the birth of a child.It is easy to lose temper, make husband sometimes feel puzzling.Feeling hopeless every day, losing any interest and passion in life, feeling that everything ahead is dark.Later, I learned from a friend that I might be suffering from postpartum depression.Postpartum depression, as the name implies, refers to women in the postpartum performance of obvious depressive symptoms, the incidence of about 30%.General postpartum depression from postpartum within 6 weeks will occur, half a year or so will slowly return to normal.But some severe mothers last about two years.Mothers with postpartum depression are often irritable, moody and prone to insomnia at night.And insomnia leads to poor mental state, and so on and so on, deep in pain can not extricate themselves.Postpartum depression is not terrible, through family encouragement, their own psychological adjustment, take the baby out to relax and do their favorite things, etc., can be slowly eliminated.The key is to detect postpartum depression in a timely manner.The mother may have been suffering from postpartum depression.But sadly, they and their families failed to find this in time, allowing the development of postpartum depression without taking effective measures to remedy it, which eventually led to the mother who put her child down by the bridge and wanted to commit suicide.Good take-out little brother, taxi driver and other good people’s help, saved a woman’s life, but also to restore the happiness of a family.The reason why a woman is gentle with the world is that she wants the world to be gentle with her children.In other words, if a woman does not gently deal with the world, the world will kill her children.Why did the mother kill herself instead of him?When the weak is cornered, how can she turn against the strong?She will only retaliate against the weaker.The person who commits suicide must despise this world eventually, because, no one can hurt her.When she was a daughter, she was spoiled by her parents, single and free, optimistic and sunny.In the marriage, found step by step is a crisis, she can no longer live along with the sex, because she is along with the sex of the person, will not understand to fight for, do not understand already have the option.Therefore, some women who are tortured by marriage choose to commit suicide to end their lives and escape their miserable life.But this is not good, powerless, to see the beauty of the world, because there is always someone secretly love you.Like the mother who wants to kill herself, and the delivery guy who puts down his overtime order, all desperately run to save her warm heart.I have to say, strangers care about your life and death, don’t your own parents, your own brothers and sisters, friends love you to leave?It may be that they are too depressed to tell their afflictions to family and friends for fear that they will not be understood. Therefore, women carry a lot of sufferings by themselves and finally suffer.I really hope that the world is kind to you, gentle, I hope that you want to kill yourself as always live, strong and brave to go on, do what you like, live your life, after all, the baby is waiting for your mother, he also loves you.This world, there is always someone secretly love you, there is always unexpected warmth, when you are not happy, think of good things.Please leave a comment saying that you like the delivery guy for saving lives, please leave a comment saying what you think about postpartum depression, do you have a good way to relieve it?# New Year diary # article/Mu Zimo, pictures: from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete.I am Mu Zi mo, multi-platform millions of popular article author, I have a pen, only to write the warm and cold, if you also have a story, welcome to leave a message or private letter to tell me, I am waiting for you here.Pregnant, obviously is happy thing, why woman fan man dozens of box on the ear?Guangdong son-in-law marries a Hunan girl, but every time he goes back to his mother-in-law’s house, he is always unhappy. This is why a 24 year old beauty falls in love with a 45 year old brother, but is abandoned after getting pregnant. Please stay away from the married man