Lianyuan Court: Released the first batch of persons subject to enforcement for trust-breaking in 2022

2022-05-14 0 By

Faithless lighthouse to promote the person subjected to execution to fulfil his obligations specified in the effective legal document consciously, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of creditors, promoting the construction of social credit system, according to the Supreme People’s Court on the faithless person subjected to execution list information provisions of the regulations, will now list a new crop of faithless person subjected to execution shall be promulgated by way of information,The person subject to enforcement for trust-breaking will bear the following legal liabilities or adverse consequences: 1. Restrict high consumption, such as prohibiting passengers from flying, high-speed rail, first class of bullet train and soft sleeper of train;2. Restrictions on going abroad;3. Restrict loans or credit cards from financial institutions;4. Restrictions on government procurement, tendering and bidding, administrative examination and approval, financing and credit, market access, qualification identification, etc.;5. If the person subject to enforcement for trust-breaking is a natural person, he shall not serve as the legal representative, director, supervisor or senior management of the enterprise.Welcome broad masses of people and all walks of life of society to undertake supervision, offer property clue.Hotline for supervision and reporting: 0738-48758592, 022 The first batch of 27 people (source liu Lianyuan Court Executive Bureau)