Henan: more than 10,000 legal service personnel as village (residential) legal advisers

2022-05-14 0 By

The China youth daily client zhengzhou February 15 (QingWang reporter, the popular newspaper supplement Zhi-xian pan intern Hui-hui zhang) reporter from today’s henan province village (house) legal adviser understands, at a news conference in 2021, henan province, and equipped with a total of 13397 legal service personnel acting as legal counselors village (house), realizing a complete coverage of the village (house) legal counsel.Hou Xuegong, deputy director of henan Provincial Department of Justice, said that Henan is a province with a large population and a large agricultural province, and there are many grassroots organizations. Legal services in townships (towns) and villages (residents) are short of resources and insufficient supply capacity, which restricts the promotion of legal governance at the grassroots level.Since 2018, judicial administrative organs in Henan province have actively promoted the work of legal counsel for villages and residents, guiding lawyers and grass-roots legal service workers to provide professional legal advice, legal advice, publicize the rule of law, and participate in people’s mediation and legal assistance, which has achieved good social results.According to the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Department of Justice of Henan Province, director Zhao Huisheng, the province’s village (residence) legal advisers to accept consultation, provide professional legal advice for the masses 166,916, on behalf of the masses to draft legal documents 22,308, carry out the rule of law lectures 22,361 times, participate in the mediation of contradictions and disputes 31,774, participate in litigation 9745 times,It provided on-site legal services for 103,725 times and provided 9,121 pieces of legal advice for major decision-making matters of villages (residents).Hou xuegong introduced that Henan is currently carrying out a variety of multi-angle publicity campaigns on preventing illegal fund-raising and telecom and Internet fraud to effectively improve the prevention awareness of the people, especially the elderly.At the same time, from December 2021 to the end of March 2022, a special campaign will be launched to investigate and resolve conflicts and disputes at the grassroots level in rural areas, focusing on resolving a number of five types of conflicts and disputes involving marriage and family, neighborhood disputes, land disputes, economic disputes, and community-level governance, with a view to resolutely preventing the occurrence of cases in which “people are sentenced for crimes”.In henan province, according to the justice department lawyer essence department chief Gu Yuan as ordinary people, if have a legal problems in the life, work, by the village committee or community residents’ committees, public law service studio or village (house) legal adviser work WeChat group and consultant in monthly village (house) and other three ways, to enlist the help of a village (house) legal counsel.Source: China Youth Daily client