The first movie to blow up the Watergate Bridge was based on him, 98 years old!

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The movie “Changjin Lake watergate Bridge” is hot screening volunteers soldiers three fried Watergate Bridge to the audience left a deep impression “as long as the repair once, we will bomb once” “as long as the bridge is in, our mission is still in”……You know what?The prototype of the movie the first time to blow up watergate Bridge volunteer hero Guo Rongxi this year has been 98 years old the first time to blow up the bridge is he pulled the explosive bag today Chang An Jun with everyone to follow the old hero’s memories into the real “Watergate Bridge battlefield” blow up the bridge!Blocking the road on November 6, 1950, fled south Korean battle with the enemy for a few days of the second battle volunteers on 29 November U.S. army began to shrink back 10 attempts to fled south gate bridge is from retreating to the rear xing long jin lake path once blew up the watergate bridge nangang U.S. 1000 equipped vehicles will be blocked in the President of the Chinese people’s volunteersArmy 20 army 60 division operations division staff Guo Rongxi received this arduous task: blow up the Watergate bridge must not let the American army escape!Guo Rongxi is a blasting expert in the war of liberation he has repeatedly led the blasting class meritorious service personal meritorious service a second class was awarded the east China Field army two people’s hero medal Guo Rongxi said: “even if it is hard, even if I am not afraid of sacrifice, to ensure the completion of the task!”Three Fried Watergate Bridge,A platoon of soldiers died all the Fried bridge Guo Rongxi led a platoon of soldiers ErSanShiJin explosives strapped up three big bag under the cover of darkness to the water gate bridge direction soldiers along the highway all the way with the past may encounter the enemy at any time and place was about 40 ℃ temperature – the soldiers hands are cold dark arriving at gate bridge Guo Rongxi observe the terrain with his experience in blastingHe chose to place the explosives at the junction between the bridge and the road. According to his recollection, after loading the explosives, he ordered the soldiers to fall back and pulled the ignition pipe himself with 30 seconds to go…At this moment, an accident happened because of hunger and cold, Guo Yongxi withdrew a few steps too late. With a bang, the bridge was destroyed and he was also hit by a flying object. The fibula of his left leg was broken and his foot was twisted 180 degrees.In the second and third bombing bridge mission in some row in the execution of the task of the whole row of soldiers all sacrificed when it was cold and some soldiers sacrificed while still maintaining the posture of shooting…Within a few days the volunteers at all costs to organize the continuous bombing of the bridge to the maximum delay the pace of the American army retreat into the second war, Guo Rongxi said: dead also die here!After he was wounded, Kwok returned to China and what he was most concerned about were his comrades who were still fighting in Korea. Considering his injury, the commanders of his unit would not let him go to Korea again. Kwok said at the time:”I’m going.I die die in that place in May 1951 Guo Rongxi back to north Korea again and comrades fought until June 1952 when he was home army left north Korea Guo Rongxi 28 many as young soldiers never slept with him in the exotic bring long jin lake volunteer army martyrs tombstone movie “watergate bridge of long jin lake” on the first day old war zones of organization in xuzhou, jiangsu volunteersWatching the movie aroused their memories of the war days. They said, “As long as there is one man in the position, we cannot retreat!”Today’s war is represented in the form of movies. We can sit in the cinema and look back on history. It is these lovely people who deserve the most thanks and tribute because of their efforts that we have the hard-won peace and the happy life we have now