Pay attention to how often you wash your car

2022-05-13 0 By

When it comes to car washing, I believe that many owners of friends will say that there is what difficult ah.In fact, in fact, a simple car wash or a “careful knowledge”, wash good every day to open a new car, wash bad car paint may be damaged, wear and tear.So we should pay attention to what car wash?Wash your car with a soft cotton brush. Some car owners may wash their car with a plastic brush, thinking it will be cleaner, but these can cause scratches.Automatic car washing machine generally installed soft cotton brush, will not hurt the car paint.Some car washing machines also use the super soft cotton silk brush, wash, brush in the motor driven by the speed of rotation, and the body of the brush outside the soft nap part, will not hurt the body.Therefore, their own hand wash also want to choose cloth soft cotton brush or sponge, wipe the car with the best knitted towel or deerskin.Some car washes wash with detergent, washing powder washing, dirt, stains are easy to wash clean, and the body paint is also eroded, the number of times the body will become dim without light, even paint burst off.Therefore, their car wash must not take off the wax car wash liquid, so as not to damage your car paint.Some car owners do not want to go to the car wash, feel the car is dirty can not go down, take a bucket of water to wash themselves.Holding a dirty rag, using dirty water with mud and mud, looking at the car.Wash with stagnant water, washed off the soil was towel into the bucket, towels in muddy water after rinsing, and back to the sand in the car body wipe back and forth, will scratch the body paint, greatly reduce the original body gloss, luster and even fade, so, their car wash to frequently change water.Many car owners like to wash their cars in the sun because they think they dry faster.But in the strong sun car wash, the water droplets on the car body is equivalent to a small convex lens, direct sunlight focused through the water droplets, heat concentration, a long time, easy to bake the car paint.Therefore, the best car wash in a covered place, or in the cloudy or sunny morning, evening.There are two situations in daily cars. Some owners wash their cars every two days because they love to be clean, but some owners do not wash their cars for several months.In fact, neither of these behaviors is desirable.Under normal circumstances, if the parking position is easy to dust, a ten-day washing 1 time is more appropriate.