Kunming civil Affairs System “charity supermarket + social work station” jointly set up a condolence activity for people in need

2022-05-13 0 By

Yunnan Net news (reporter Long Yan) In order to ensure that the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in Kunming city spend a warm and happy festival, but also to vigorously promote the spirit of charity, care for special groups, promote the development of charity, On the morning of January 26, in the traditional Spring Festival approaching, sponsored by kunming Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau,Five degrees, panlong, xishan, guandu, chenggong five main city civil affairs bureau co-sponsored “charity love warm spring city” and “charity supermarket + social work station” Spring Festival sympathy activities carried out in the city’s 16 community, social work supervision center in kunming, the city youth development foundation, city charity federation, yunnan Ming jin industrial co., LTD. To give strong support to the activities.The condolence activity relies on the “charity supermarket + social work station” joint merchants to distribute donated materials to the poor groups, subsistence allowance recipients, low-income groups, elderly people and civil aid recipients in the area.On the day of the activity, the charity supermarkets organized party members, volunteers and caring personages to provide home help and environmental cleaning services for the disabled and the elderly in the area according to the actual situation of the area.After the condolence activity, the charity businesses and enterprises prepared rich materials to carry out charity sales in various communities.This activity promoted the citizens to establish the concept of charity, aroused the enthusiasm of community people to participate in charity, and provided a channel and platform for more caring people to donate love.The supplies included 486 boxes of 30 fresh eggs and 486 bags of rice donated by Kunming Youth Development Foundation.Kunming Charity Federation donated 80 bags of 5-kg rice, 4,000 medical masks, 48 tons of fire sand, 220 quilts for military use, 500 direct drinking water cards, and distributed rmb97,200 as Spring Festival condolence money to people in need.Yunnan Mingjin Industrial Co., Ltd. donated 100 bottles of fresh honey and 1,000 medical masks.The purpose of this activity is to pass the care and love of the Party and the government to the families in need, and also make the disadvantaged groups in the community fully feel the sincere care and warmth of the community family, so that the special families have more confidence and full of hope for the future.Next, the innovation of the social work station “in” charity supermarket + operations will continue to advance in the city of kunming, cover more community, hope to get the social from all walks of life and the community’s support and help, more hope that through activities, make the charity supermarket can out of a good way of self development, arouse the masses to correctly identify the charity and charity supermarket, actively involved.