It was the “highest single-season sales ever,” and Google said the Pixel6 had sold well and received positive feedback

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When Google is mentioned in the field of smart phones, many friends will first associate with Android and think that Google is the developer of mobile phone system, which is not the case.Because Google has been making mobile phones for years, it is also a “mobile phone manufacturer” with its own mobile phone brand “Pixel”, and has been regularly upgrading and releasing new products. Currently, It has released and upgraded the 6th generation of Pixel series, and the latest 6th generation product will be released on October 19, 2021.The Pixel phones, however, have not had much of a presence. They’ve been lukewarm for years, but Google hasn’t given up on them. They’ve continued to invest in them, and last year they put their tensor processor in their sixth iteration, which is pushing the envelope.The low-end version of the Pixel6 is priced at $599 for 8GB + 128GB, while the “flagship” Version of the Pixel6 Pro is priced at $899 for 8GB + 128GB. Both models are more expensive in China, costing around rmb4,500 to RMB7,000.Unfortunately, since the launch of the device, consumer feedback has been numerous bugs, and Google has been busy fixing the various bugs.In October 2021, some users reported that the screen of their mobile phone flickered when they pressed the power button while the phone was off.In November 2021, users reported that when they changed their phone’s animation speed or the phone’s battery was running low, the fingerprint unlock function was not working properly, and could even be successfully unlocked using other fingerprints not registered with the device.In November 2021, users reported that Google Assistant, built into their phones, randomly placed calls to people in their contact lists.In December 2021, Google pushed a software patch to Pixel that caused connectivity problems for some users in Europe.Note: These problems have since been fixed.The negative news casts a shadow over Google’s goal of “hitting the high end” with the Pixel6 series, and its prospects are starting to look a little unclear as to whether it will succeed in “hitting” and “holding” the high end.The Pixel6 series has been on the market for three months now. How has it actually performed on the market?Is there any relatively objective sales data for reference?You’re probably all very concerned about this.Of course, the most simple, reliable and credible sales figures are released by statistical agencies such as IDC and Canalys, but there is no current data, but IDC has a relevant data showing that Google shipped 7 million phones in 2019.The next best thing, though, is that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, recently commented on its phone sales in its fourth-quarter 2021 earnings report.”In the fourth quarter, we recorded the highest single-quarter sales ever for our Pixel line of phones,” CEO Sundar Pichai said during an earnings call.This has been achieved despite a very challenging supply chain environment.”The response to the Pixel 6 from our customers and carrier partners has been very positive.”The executive did not provide specific sales figures for the Pixel6 series, which Google has never released for previous generations.And since its older Pixel 5 models are still on the market, it’s assumed that what the executive called “the highest quarterly sales record ever” includes not only sales of its new Pixel 6 series, but also some older models.The Pixel 6 is available in nine countries and the Pixel 5A in two. Samsung and Apple are available in more than 100 countries.In addition, Google’s Pixel 6 series phones are also facing supply chain shortages and severe stock shortages, making it difficult to buy.How are Google’s Pixel 6 phones “upmarket”?Objectively speaking, it is unrealistic to surpass Samsung and Apple in terms of “sales” in the short term. In terms of quality and experience, there is still a considerable gap between Apple and Samsung, but the progress and narrowing speed is very fast.At best, Google’s Pixel phones are two more generations away from being arm-wrestled with Apple.