Introduction of Liu Yongxu as a painter

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Liu Yongxu, born in 1937, yushan County, Jiangxi province, professor, member of Chinese Artists Association.Currently, he is a researcher of Shenyang Institute of Literature and History, a researcher of the Central Institute of Literature and History, a director of Tongze Chinese Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, and a consultant of Tokyo Chinese Academy of Painting and Calligraphy.He has been a director of China Art Teaching Research Association, a member of the 5th, 6th and 7th liaoning Provincial Committee of CPPCC, a judge of Kanagawa International Children’s Exhibition in Japan, retired from Liaoning Institute of Education.In 1955, “Lotus Swimming Fish” participated in the first national art exhibition, since then, his works have been held exhibitions at home and abroad, and won many awards.He has published dozens of books such as personal painting collections, anthologies and painting techniques.He was awarded the Excellent paper award by the National Arts and Education Commission.A: rongbaozhai press, liaoning art publishing house, successively published techniques for its books, works of “sketch”, “the fish”, “blue”, “bamboo”, “peony” and so on respectively triple-verse-poetry. People’s fine arts publishing house, tianjin fine arts publishing house, liaoning fine arts publishing house painting series, hebei fine arts publishing house. “the traditional Chinese painters > and other professional newspapers, television and other media is introduced, the picture for many times.China Foreign Culture Commission, Liu Haisu Art Museum, provincial museum and other units collect his works.In recent years, the expression methods of painting are increasingly diversified.His works have a deep foundation, his painting style is beautiful and free, with his father Liu Zigu’s legacy, and there is an obvious intention of innovation.Liu Yongxu, Traditional Chinese painting “Birthday Celebration for the Centenary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China”