Gansu Spring is tender, this place longnan beautiful spring scenery, will not be able to hide!

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Spring has arrived, the weather is getting warmer Jiangnan in Gansu, spring is all over the city. A dazzling pearl inlaid in southern Gansu is known as “ten miles of different days”. At this time, the rape flowers in Wenxian have covered the earth.Longnan is really a magical place to a trip to longnan is equal to the whole spring jasmine, rape, cherry blossom gradually open colorful,beautiful Walking in the sea of flowers I can give you from the inside out of beauty to enjoy No hustle and bustle of tourists Only quiet scenery Kang county Yang dam ecological tourism scenic spot Kang county village flower bridge Down chang national forest park goose gorge Wenxian county tianchi national forest park LiangDang YunBing three gorges scenic spots Chicken into county peak mountain national forest parkSpring is to go out for a spring outing to enjoy the flowers just comfortable ah take advantage of the sunshine just full of spring scenery quickly about to start a romantic spring tour with friends