Beautiful countryside my home

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At the foot of the lofty and straight mountain, there is a beautiful place, that is my beautiful hometown.Come to my hometown, I believe you will be fascinated by the beautiful scenery!Spring is coming, when you come to the beautiful fields, the green wheat seedling, is under the touch of spring breeze, in the spring rain under the moisture, every day of strong growth.A little careless people, is not to feel the wheat seedling quietly jointing, it is from that day by day full of wheat, we feel the joy of harvest!Spring to summer, the apricot blossom in full bloom in spring, peach blossom are slowly bearing rich fruit.Here, “golden Sun” is an important member of the apricot family. Around the beginning of May, some buyers begin to buy the apricots in the hometown, so the apricots are selected and shipped to the motherland before they are fully ripe.If the weather this year is good, frostbite, hail and other inclement weather from flowering to fruiting are not affected, coupled with better prices, it will be a fruitful year for fruit farmers!When apricot is finished gradually, peach is in everybody’s expectation as about and come, no matter be nectarine or peach, taste can let a person drool!The hot summer has passed, and the sweet autumn has come to us.You see, that a small red lantern like persimmon has been hanging full branches, especially in the backer of a few villages closer, planting persimmon is more appropriate.When persimmon is fully mature, it will be red and soft, pick a put in the mouth, not only sweet to the mouth, more sweet to the heart, that is the flow of sweet and happiness in the hearts of farmers, that is the party’s rich people policy to bring us joy!When the cold winter comes, the leaves on the tree slowly fall light, everywhere is bare, but when you come to the farmer’s vegetable greenhouse, the red fruit, green melon, purple eggplant has long been in the farmer’s careful care of hanging vine and frame, hard people will be like carefully care baby take good care of these food babies.They bring fresh and healthy vegetables to the people back home all the year round, which is their single-minded job.This is my lovely beautiful hometown, come here, you will see a harmonious, beautiful, harvest picture!