The provincial market supervision Department launched 20 measures to stimulate the vitality of market entities

2022-05-12 0 By

February 18, market supervision and manage hall from the province of “about fostering stronger market main body to stimulate the market main body vigorous measures” learned that news briefings to help our province market main body to generate more, stronger, faster growth, early province camp revolve around market supervision office market access and exit, strengthen credit enterprise support, and other aspects,We have introduced 20 specific support measures.We introduced seven measures to facilitate market access, licensing, and exit. These measures include: we will continue to encourage enterprises to open online, one-day, and free businesses, and we will be the first in the country to allow individual businesses to open online businesses;Actively implement “cluster registration” and residence registration commitment system to provide “one-stop” registration service for qualified platform companies;By the end of 2022, the number of reform items will increase to more than 35, and the number of pilot units will increase to more than 30, covering more than 40% of the market entities in the province.In case of economic difficulties caused by natural disasters, accidents, public health events, social security events, etc., market entities may independently decide to close their businesses within a certain period.Measures to strengthen support for enterprises include: opening a direct column of enterprise policies on the portal website of the Provincial Department of Market Supervision and “Ji Affairs Office” mini program, and carrying out intelligent and precise push according to the characteristics of different market players;In accordance with the requirements of the state, we will extend the policy for supporting individual businesses and small and micro businesses, and increase the range of exemptions and exemptions and expand the scope of their application.By the end of 2022, more than 5,000 individual businesses will be transformed into enterprises.Reducing or exempting inspection and testing fees for market entities;Significantly compress the patent licensing period.In addition, in order to promote product quality and brand improvement, put forward in 2022 to release more than 10 jilin regional brand group standards, complete more than 30 regional brand certification, and promote more than 50 small and micro food production enterprises through the quality management system certification by the end of 2022 development goals;In order to create a level playing field, we proposed special inspections of charges related to enterprises, implemented a law enforcement model of “publicity of laws and regulations, education and guidance, admonishment and reasoning, administrative punishment, supervision and rectification”, and established and improved a list of exemptions from penalties.(Xu Muqi)