Secret technique of Wudang Boxing | Turn and lift the palm of the shade

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The secret technique of Wudang boxing turns around and lifts the Yin palm (1). B is behind A and grabs the left shoulder of a with his right hand, then twists his waist and turns, thrusts his left foot backward, and at the same time bends his elbow on the left shoulder to catch b, and lifts his left palm at the same time to release his strength (Figure 1).Main points: sinking, stepping back and buckling must be carried out at the same time, coordinated up and down.(2) The body of armor is twisted to the left, the center of gravity drops, slightly deviates from the left leg, and the left palm is downward, and the left palm is inverted to hit the second crotch with Yin (Figure 2).Main point: when turning, a left foot should continue to plug, seal b leg, a right palm back stroking belt, left palm before holding up with vigorous shaking.Change: then move, a can send the right hand before the palm push b.If (2) the distance between the two sides is too close, with flexible maneuver, change the left elbow to strike its ribs.1, Wudang boxing skill and Attack secret method! Sequential palm 2, Wudang Boxing skill and attack secret method! Dragon fighting moon