Why did ancient peasants worship evil men?

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Ancient farmers respected and sympathized with the bad guys who fought against the system, and even broke the ban to become the bad guys admired by people if they wanted to imitate them.So why does this happen?It is not too late to judge what sort of people the so-called bad men are.The bad guys were those who opposed the court, even some greenwood bandits, bandits, and peasant rebel leaders.These people had a certain blow to the formation of the stable system of the imperial court, and could even overthrow the imperial court and set up a new one.To the imperial court, these people were really bad people, but to the peasants, they were just the good people they thought, even if they idled on the edge of the sword, risking their lives to survive, it was worth it.After all, life is too short. It is better to live a life full of wine and meat and enjoy it from day to day than to live a life full of toil and numbness.In other words, the attitude towards those people is different depending on where you stand.From the point of view of the court, they were bad people, but from the point of view of the peasants, they were good people.Historians, most of whom had a tradition of writing biographies of emperors and ministers, would refer to those who rebelled as traitors rather than good people.However, this is only the official attitude, the civilian attitude is the opposite, who can bring benefits to the people, the people believe that they should follow whoever.Even if it means a revolution.When the national oppression was severe, the peasants had no food to eat, so they ran away from the famine or led a revolution.You can survive the revolution, but you may starve to death if you flee.Of course, it takes one person to raise his or her hand before people can gather and respond.And the person who is speaking up is exactly what the farmers usually think of as a good man, either the hero of the green forest or the idler in the village, because their attention has never been on the honest farming above, but focused on taking shortcuts and seeking their own huge interests.Those honest peasants, who have been peasants all their lives, do not see any class gap, and even if they do, they do not dare to take the lead in making trouble.And those who are not honest peasants, most will only focus on seeking huge profits, and even for this reason to rob, kill and steal goods, even be investigated, beheaded.In this way, the people who muddle along on the edge of the knife will cry out, because they have long put life and death regardless of the recognition of people.Ancient farmers live a hard life, honest farming at ordinary times, after the harvest of food, their own food is not much, most of them are handed over to the state and the landlord, however, they do not wake up, but only when they can not eat food, was forced to despair, will think of rebellion.Most of them do not have knowledge and culture, and do not know the basic structure of the country, but they will know the basic survival needs, as long as they have food to eat, they will not rebel.If life were better, they would look down upon those bandits and bandits as taking too many risks and not worth following.However, when they can no longer live, they will follow bandits and bandits to plunder homes and homes, and even set off a vigorous peasant uprising.The survival situation let farmers make their own choice, living conditions are good, do not resist, regard those bandits, bandits as enemies, and living conditions are not good, try to change is not good, we should regard them as heroes, but also join them to make a revolution.Although the imperial court always regarded robbers and bandits as bad people, they still had to catch them and behead them as a warning to others.However, farmers are not afraid of beheading.Confucius said, “People are not afraid of death. Why should they fear death?”In times of war and famine, peasants were not afraid of death, after all, they knew their lives were not worth much.A mean life, is to fight can still live, burst out bright sparks, if linger on life, fleeing from famine to beg for food, the last is not necessarily to live, but also lost personality and dignity, was treated as a dog.Better to make a revolution than that!Therefore, Huang Chao’s sentence “The city is full of golden armour” inspired many farmers, and Li Zicheng’s “When the King comes, he will not pay for food” also attracted many farmers.Even if peasants didn’t want to fight, they were conscripted by the imperial court and forced to become soldiers and fight in the battlefield.Although serving as a soldier in famine years was a way out, some soldiers always risked their lives and rushed into battle. Some even “joined the army at 15 and returned at 80.”The long military service almost consumed the golden years of one’s life.Who else would want to be a soldier?In addition to military service and heavy corvee labor, “Drinking horses to the Great Wall Grottoes” wrote: “Men prefer to fight to death, and it is not a Harvard University to build the Great Wall.”And he said, “There are many healthy towns on the border, but few widows in the house.”The legend of Meng Jiangnu crying on the Great Wall basically represented the complaints of the peasants at the bottom of the heap against the heavy corvees, but they could not do anything about it. When Chen Sheng and Wu Guang waved their arms, they could quickly rally the revolutionary army.A lot of farmers are involved and are fighting for a free life.Perhaps, those bandits, bandits have become the pursuers of free life, but also the peasants do not work to achieve the wish of windfall wealth.If those in the ruling class can get rich without taking part in field work, and still exploit the industrious peasants desperately and refuse to share some of their wealth with them, why not bandits and bandits take their wealth?Just think of it as taking the farmer’s own wealth.As a result, there was a challenge to the imperial power of the greenwood, although most of the bandits, bandits collection, but also once killed a lot of good people, but it is really the object of farmers yearning.”Outlaws of the Marsh” is a copy of the Greenwood culture, but also for the peasant uprising monument of the novel, on behalf of the simple wishes of the peasants.At that time, the imperial court was unable to suppress a large number of peasant rebels, of course, so that many farmers have a speculative mentality, to do what they think good people, to follow the heroes of the Greenwood rebellion.The imperial court was unable to repress it, and even if it had the power to repress it, it could not control so much. In other words, bandits and bandits were not serious criminals and often engaged in guerrilla warfare, which was ignored or even ignored by the ruling class, and enabled farmers to see more possibilities for speculation.We are all alone. Why do people drink a lot of wine and eat a lot of meat while they work in the fields all day without enough food and warm clothes?After the comparison, farmers will turn to the road of speculation, after all, the so-called morality is not mandatory, nor can it restrict farmers’ free choice.If the feudal ruling class was bad, then robbers and bandits would be good people, and the root cause of the ancient peasants’ difficult life was the endless exploitation and exploitation of the feudal ruling class. Then, in the eyes of the peasants, it is clear who is good and who should be imitated.If the society were clean and people lived and worked in peace and contentment, the peasants would not think robbers and bandits were good people.Perhaps, most of the time, the society was not stable, or perhaps, most of the peasants knew the root cause of their poor life, so that bandits and bandits were regarded as heroes, and they also gained the understanding and sympathy of the ancient peasants.