Huang Xutting: Short police videos sing songs of online righteousness

2022-05-11 0 By

Build network civilization, share civilized network, strive to be a good netizen in Yanzhao, build a beautiful spiritual home on the Internet.In order to further strengthen the construction of network civilization, Hebei province is comprehensively carrying out the theme activity of “Building a Better Spiritual Home on the Internet”, taking the action of striving to be a good Netizen in Yanzhao as one of the key measures to drive the majority of netizens to practice network civilization with good netizen and good story.From now on, “netletter Hebei” will publish 100 good netizen stories emerging in the 2021 Yanzhao Good Netizen 100 Stories collection and exhibition, to tell good netizen stories and gather upward forces for good.Today, we will bring you the story of Huang Xuting, a good young Internet user. Let’s see how this post-90s police officer uses short videos to spread the positive energy of the Internet and show the good style of the public security.Huang Xuting is a post-90s policeman working in the publicity Department of the Political Department of Qinhuangdao Public Security Bureau. Since joining the public security work, he has been mainly responsible for the daily operation of new media platforms, video production and large-scale event planning.He likes to learn new media-related skills and is good at short video creation, editing, acting, dubbing, camera shooting, post-editing and new media operation. He has won personal Third-class merit twice and won awards twice.Participated in the production and shooting of independent film “Red Plum”, micro film “More happiness”, “Happy June 1” and other works.Huang Xuting “peace qinhuangdao” trill, management operation, create the city’s police video Vlog mode, in the first person perspective of qinhuangdao police to crack down on pyramid selling dens video, online 2 days played 65 million times, thumb up 930000 times, 100000 + forward comments, deter crime at the same time, actively show the qinhuangdao a good image of the police.At present, the “Safe Qinhuangdao” Tiktok has produced more than 230 short videos in the categories of drama, information recording, news interview, oral broadcast and song MV, with repeated successes.His personal account “Police Rhubarb” has taken a different approach, with rich content and novel form. His works include anti-fraud propaganda, legal science popularization and tourism safety knowledge explanation, attracting 200 million page views and more than 30 million likes.At the same time of law popularization, promote the construction of safe Qinhuangdao and promote the development of harmonious Qinhuangdao.In every night when he stayed up late for editing and behind every hard shooting, Huang Xuting did not care about danger, did not ask for reward, and worked hard to become a “good netizen” full of positive energy and a people’s police to promote the theme.Contributions | Network Social Work Department