2205 What material

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2205 is a kind of stainless steel with ferrite and austenite structure.1. The alloy combines the excellent properties of ferrite and austenite, and studies the stress corrosion of chloride ion and corrosion resistance of sulfide.At the same time, it has high mechanical properties.Main Ingredients: NAS 329J3L, UNSS32205/S31803, DIN/EN1.4462, ASTMA240, ASMESA-240;Mechanical properties: tensile strength: Sigb≥640 Mpa, elongation ≤25%;Working condition: 20% dilute sulfuric acid, below 60℃, annual corrosion rate <0.1 mm;Matching wire: ER2209.The yield strength of 2.2205 duplex stainless steel is more than twice that of conventional austenitic stainless steel, which allows designers to design it with better weight reduction, thus making it more affordable than 316,317 L.The alloy is especially suitable for use at -50℃/+600℃.In applications outside this temperature range, the alloy can also be considered, but there are certain limitations in the welding structure.3. Stainless steel is divided into two kinds, one is called 2205 stainless steel, according to the morphology of the structure is divided into martensite, ferrite, austenite, two-phase and precipitation quenched stainless steel.Its interior contains 22% chromium, 2.5% molybdenum and 4.5% nickel nitride, which have excellent impact resistance as well as good corrosion resistance.Applications: pressure vessels, high pressure storage tanks, high pressure pipes, heat exchangers (chemical industry).Oil and gas pipelines, heat exchanger fittings.Waste water treatment equipment.:: Pulp and paper separation, bleaching, storage and treatment system.- Rotating shaft, press roller, blade, impeller and other high strength corrosion resistant environment.Transport container or truck food handling device