Life can’t fit on a resume

2022-05-10 0 By

As we write, we should be aware that the most important events in our lives are the ones that don’t fit into the “item line” of any resume, but this simple truth is simply unacceptable.Hr professionals know that one of the quickest ways to get to know someone is to ask for a copy of their resume.Resume to write a personal study and work experience, the person who is written, as far as possible in the limited square inch put his resume code concise and neat, outstanding individual advantage, about the job opportunity, have to use a little idea.Resume specialists, sifting through a large number of submissions, can’t afford to be sloppy, and each resume may receive only a cursory glance.Life resume is generally used in this way, each of the above introduction contains life flavor, only its owner can appreciate.Every template and format is a screening of life, just like cutting a tree, removing its branches and leaves and leaving its trunk.From a distance there are still tall and straight trees, but there is no vitality and vitality.It is like a museum specimen for people to visit. We cannot be sure about it, but there is nothing but the image of the animal. We have no way of knowing its sounds, its habits, what kind of food it eats…So much is missing that most visitors get only a cursory glimpse of these specimens.The rush is exacerbated by the modern rush for efficiency, as people struggle to add to their work history and avoid being passed over at the next pick.Resumes are to people what labels are to goods.As we buy electrical appliances, marked function, scope of application, power supply mode, service life…….A resume is nothing more than an instruction manual for what I have done and what I can do.The process is dubious: no one thinks you can know a person by resume, yet it has become the norm in the business world.Maybe we’re being too critical, but who expects to really know someone in the workplace?– Reading one, two, feeling three, four, I am free time to turn the book gentleman, thank you to read, click to follow, meet every day.