Lanzhou New Area: To create a “strong magnetic field” of scientific and technological Innovation and reignite the “power source” of the Golden Decade

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Rivers have the spirit, so into the thousands of meteorological;Trees have elan, so into the vast forest;The earth and stone have elan, so into the Alpine.Lanzhou New Area — the rising Innovation Highland In 2022, standing at the historical node of the 10th anniversary of Lanzhou New Area being approved as a state-level new Area, we can look back at the arduous process of starting from scratch, drawing on white paper and innovating and building dreams. The dedication and hard work of “Lanzhou New Area people” are very impressive.Since the establishment of each state-level new district, planning is carried out in accordance with the national major strategic deployment and the consideration requirements of the overall regional layout in terms of functional positioning, development objectives and industrial layout.And through the implementation of more open and preferential policies in the region, encourage and stimulate their own innovation vitality, in the system innovation, industrial innovation, technological innovation and other levels of continuous exploration, so as to achieve a dot to wire, wire to wire demonstration effect.Open “Lanzhou New Area” and receive “World Punch card”.Injecting new drivers into Independent Innovation What counts most in state-level new areas is “innovation”, “chuang” and “innovation”.In recent years, Lanzhou New Area has played an exemplary and leading role at the national level and a radiating and driving role at the regional level, truly becoming a new growth pole of regional economy.Relevant data show that in 2021, the scientific and technological innovation capacity of Lanzhou New Area will be greatly improved, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements will be accelerated, and the innovation environment will be optimized and upgraded.– 20 innovation and incubation platforms were built, 6 laboratories for research and development of chemical industry parks and plant tissue culture were built, and major scientific and technological innovation platforms such as heavy ion accelerator and quality inspection and testing engineering laboratories were put into operation.– There were 160 new sci-tech enterprises and 15 new and high-tech enterprises, 291 scientific and technological achievements were developed, and China’s investment in R&D accounted for 3.7 percent of GDP.– 91 newly introduced and transformed scientific and technological achievements, with a conversion rate of 31.3 percent and a contribution rate of 61 percent to scientific and technological progress, were selected as the second batch of “Science and innovation China” pilot cities.– The Industrial Incubation Building was awarded “National Demonstration Base for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Small and Micro Enterprises”, and the Special Chemical Science and Technology Industrial Park was approved as “Provincial Science and Technology Business Incubator”. There are 82 settled projects and 223 kinds of high-end fine chemical products, among which 46 products fill domestic blank, 83 replace imports, and 68 are exported for export.Intelligent welding robot waving “arm” in operation (Lanzhou New District News) — focusing on introducing and training more than 30,000 first-class and high-quality skilled talents, skilled craftsmen, craftsmen and r&d personnel from major countries, carrying out 216 new scientific research projects and applying for more than 1,000 patents of various kinds.– China has cooperated with over 300 enterprises in personnel training under the dual-system system, and exported 53,000 professionals with an employment rate of over 95%.”Innovation is the fundamental driving force for the development of state-level new areas.”In lanzhou, gansu provincial committee, party secretary, the new city, first secretary of the party working Zhu Tianshu work conference pointed out that in 2022, new district in lanzhou to stay to carry out the resources as a whole, the central policies to promote the development of “sanxin high” and provincial “strong industry, strong science and technology, strong capital, strong county” of effective resource as a whole, the system supports the new innovation and development.At the same time, we should pay close attention to the implementation of Made in Lanzhou, promote the innovative development of equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, new energy, new computing power, new food and other industries, and accelerate the construction of a green industrial system of cluster innovation leading to “Made in Lanzhou” that is compatible with the modernization of state-level new areas.Indeed, for the new District to achieve high-quality development, the most important thing is to adhere to industrial innovation, innovation to promote development, development to improve energy level, promote the new District quality reform, efficiency reform, power reform, to provide a “power source” for the regional leapfrog development.”Success does not have to be in me, success must have me” ten years of wind and rain, ten years of up and down search, ten years of courage, ten years of rain and rain.As approved by the State Council the northwest region, the fifth national first district, district in lanzhou now are moving in the northwest region important economic growth pole, national important industrial base, open to the west of the important strategic platform, undertaking industrial transfer demonstration area “strategic positioning strides forward, playing an increasingly important demonstration role in driving.Telfu 5G high frequency and high speed communication reverse copper foil technology has entered the pilot stage, and a batch of “new area technologies and products”, such as LIQUID crystal display materials, thorium molten salt pump, carbon ion medical equipment, have been successfully exported.The first nickel-based cold hydrogenation reactor broke the monopoly of foreign companies, and the results of the world’s first kiloton solar fuel synthesis demonstration project were promoted to Inner Mongolia and other places.Lanzhou Auxiliary Factory and other approved state-level “specialized and special new little Giant” enterprises, military-civilian integration of high-end chemicals “industry-university-research-application” integration demonstration zone and export base accelerated construction.From the establishment of Gansu Sino-German College and New District Modern Agricultural Industry College, the construction of “Skills Gansu” has achieved remarkable results.Key projects such as Lanzhou New Area Big Data Industrial Park Phase I, State Grid Cloud Data Center, Zhongke Shuguang Advanced Computing Center and Huawei Cloud Computing Center have been completed and put into operation.Big data projects such as the Land-based Telecom Big data Industry Center will be introduced, and dedicated Internet data channels will be built to unleash new growth drivers through industrial agglomeration….With the practical achievements of “landing, taking root, blossoming and bearing fruit”, Lanzhou New Area pursues its dream of “developing industrial economy with innovative ideas, carrying out urban construction with innovative ideas, and building the new Area into an innovative city suitable for production and innovation”.The goal of.As Yang Jianzhong, member of lanzhou Municipal Standing Committee and Secretary of Lanzhou New District Party Working Committee, said: “In the face of opportunity, responsibility is great.We should continue to carry forward the spirit of Lanzhou New Area, which is characterized by ‘political firm, reform and innovation, openness and inclusiveness, pragmatism and hard work’, and live up to the national strategic mission, the great trust of the provincial party Committee and the provincial government, and the expectations of the people.”Also full build “strong science and technology” in this year’s government work report, to make greater efforts to claim additional deduction r&d policy claim additional deduction will be small and mid-sized enterprise was increased from 75% to 100%, the enterprise investment tax incentives for basic research, improve equipment accelerated depreciation, such as high and new technology enterprise income tax preferential policies.Some economic experts have analyzed that this is equivalent to the state to give large-scale financial support to enterprise innovation.(Lanzhou New Area News) Innovation is the primary driving force for development.At the beginning of the province’s two sessions, the relevant provincial leaders also pointed out that this year will strengthen the main role of enterprise science and technology innovation, accelerate the cultivation of “specialized and special new” enterprises.We vigorously promoted mass entrepreneurship and innovation projects, and built a number of Spaces and demonstration centers for mass entrepreneurship and innovation.We will continue to improve the environment for talent development and stimulate the vitality of talent innovation and entrepreneurship.Therefore, it is not difficult to see that only by further strengthening innovation incentives and implementing innovation policy dividends can enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, increase r&d investment and cultivate new driving forces, thus laying a solid foundation for the comprehensive implementation of innovation-driven and high-quality regional development.It is understood that this year, Lanzhou New Area will focus on promoting industrial development to greatly improve innovation capacity, make every effort to promote the symbiotic coupling of innovation chain, industrial chain, supply chain and factor chain, optimize innovation ecology, enhance scientific and technological hard power and economic innovation, and strive to build the “strong science and technology” action source.The charming New Area will further strengthen the main role of enterprises in innovation and the driving effect of leading enterprises, and build research centers and innovation platforms for new materials and new energy.We will speed up the construction of isotope laboratories and establish an innovation alliance for the application of medical heavy ion technology.We will implement the plan to guide innovation-oriented enterprises, improve the cultivation system of “micro growth, small growth, and high strength”, build a “science innovation Valley” centering on specialized and special new science and technology incubation bases, attract and train a number of small science and technology giants, etc., and encourage “technological leaders” and “co-creation enterprises” to make breakthroughs and blossom on the surface of specialized and special new points.At the same time, relying on the “blue white districts” and “kechuang China” pilot cities, building, “skills” gansu core increase with the Shanghai pudong new area, wuhan by the open area and other areas of science and technology cooperation, strengthen the industry-university-institute cooperation with colleges and universities institutes, undertake to develop new alloy materials, photoelectric materials, new drugs and other high technology content, chain effect strong technical projects.We will establish an evaluation system for scientific and technological talents based on their innovation value, capability, and contribution, grant research institutes more autonomy and give researchers more control over resources, and promote the orderly opening and leading of research rankings in green chemicals and new energy, so as to fully stimulate the innovation of scientific and technological talents.(By Qian Heshan ma Xin)