Everyone likes different teams, the reason is also different, why liaoning team so many fans

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Generally speaking, if there is a team area of fans, they generally support all of our regional team, and then choose other regional comparison has the characteristics of the team, but now that you like the team, lightly so as to be able to get and he can pull on some relations, like if your hometown, just like your work,It could be your close friends in there, a variety of factors.Even the fans because of the team’s characteristic, has become their fans, like this team play cleaner, or is this team offensive is more sharp, or the team defense to be more difficult, or is this team tactics variety, even also have fans, because a player like this whole team.First of all, we need to tell you that Liaoning was the front line of the original resistance to the United States and aid Korea, and the heroes and daughters all over the country are basically from liaoning this soil, and then set foot on the Korean battlefield, and until the return of the local arrangement in the liaoshen earth, and this also let Liaoning people in all parts of the country have their own relatives.Second, in the early days of liberation, Liaoning was the most developed industrial center in China, and iron and steel, coal and oil industries attracted a large number of laborers from all over the country.Some of them work and live here, settle down and reproduce. At the same time, Liaoning exports a large number of skilled workers and management backbone to all parts of the country to support the national industrial construction in an emergency. Some even move the whole factory southward, so Liaoning has a large number of relatives from all parts of the country.Third, in the 1960s and 1970s, educated young people went to the countryside. Many of them went to Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Tianjin. At that time, educated young people in big cities took root in northeast China and settled down in Liaoning.The fourth is after the reform and opening up, liaoning people like to brave the world, and then they have left their own footprints in all parts of the country.Above 4, although pull far a bit, but this is absolutely not nonsense, Liaoning fans throughout the country, and this has a lot to do with.Xiaobian began to watch basketball games because of the 2008 Olympic Games, began to know Yao Ming, Roughly, Yi Jianlian and other stars, at first only pay attention to Yao Ming and the Rockets, then began to watch CBA games.Just watching the CBA, a lot of the team, to see at the end of the day, I was a Chinese basketball fans are relatively pay attention to international competition, also pay attention to news on those young players, slowly xiao-xu li who is a veteran entered my mind, 10 years to 20 years old xiao-xu li has played five seasons, scoring rebounds from year to year to promotion,That year is can get 15+10, but later attack did not continue to be developed instead retrograde, this is later words, that is at that time, every day to see the liaoning game, this time Biao elder brother into my line of sight, then that passion, that elegant three points let me immediately like him!Biao elder brother’s peak is short, behind the 93 national youth team won the seventh world youth game, Guo Allen world youth game scoring king, Guo Allen entered the first team, the rise of Korea, tianju three separation shot, Zhao Jiwei also came, high shiyan also came out, from now on deep!Like – why, look at the beginning of a brilliant future for ma, hardy and tiger elder brother, three points and then see LaoShu elegance dedication, obsessed with passionate Allen, death, break through the wind, like the commission for discipline inspection control such as dogs, joeyz handsome as m. pei, Korean bow if laugh, day for god at mirs, gao steals like demon!CBA so many teams, why so many fans like Team Liaoning, 1, clean play, 2, play with passion, 3, the team record is stable, 4, Liaoning players network interaction, influence, many fans are watching entertainment programs to recognize the star attracted to see the CBA, 5, many provinces have no teams!In addition, fans in Jilin province also like Liaoning team very much. This is because they are all from the northeast. Jilin fans like Liaoning team and Jilin team together.Shandong fans also like Liaoning team very much, for two reasons: Firstly, Liaoning team and Shandong team have always been very close, the fans love me, love my dog.Another reason is that many Liaoning players are from Shandong in their ancestors, most of the northeast people are from Shandong, so Shandong and northeast people have a natural affinity.