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Red regretless youth volunteer service right people recently, anshun city a new confirmed cases of epidemic, practice center district civilization, pku, volunteer recruitment by the community, the guizhou anshun enforced isolation pioneer rehab youth volunteer service volunteer to smell,, active as to give up their rest time, actively involved in the epidemic prevention and control in the whole city in the war,They took practical actions to fulfill their responsibilities and fulfill their mission of service, making their youth shine on the epidemic line.Zhang Yu is a police officer, a young volunteer, and a double police family in anshun Compulsory isolation and drug treatment Center. Her husband has been involved in front-line lockdown duty for more than two years in the fight against COVID-19. She has to take care of her aged mother and two children while working.Outbreak when she is on vacation at home, but after seeing community volunteer recruitment information that night, she didn’t even think about the two children managed to mothers, to participate in volunteer service with no regret to disease resistance line, in the face of the child, her patient said to the child, mother is a people’s police, now our cities need to mother, mother must stand in the front.The child ignorant looked at her, seems to understand a little, this, is the best example of education.”Please line up, please wear masks, keep a distance of one meter, please register your personal information…”Busy fighting the epidemic.Liu Qianhai he is anshun compulsory isolation of the provincial drug rehabilitation institute trainee police, young volunteers.Still remember his hot-blooded phone call: “Dad, I want to volunteer!””No, if you’re on lockdown, how can you volunteer?””I am training at the police academy. I am back for the Spring Festival holiday. I don’t have to go to my unit for closed duty, but I can participate in volunteer service.The next day, he was assigned to a nucleic acid testing site in Fujia Garden. He was responsible for maintaining the order of the site, teaching people to register their personal information, helping people with mobility difficulties to take nucleic acid tests, and shuttled busily among the crowd.Li Tianfang is a police officer and youth volunteer of anshun Compulsory isolation and detoxification Institute.My busy work has come to an end. I just came back from Guiyang to accompany my family.Local outbreak, as a people’s police, nature is to sit still, just heard the news, immediately participate in epidemic prevention and control of the development zone volunteer service, as the wind brutal, has been at work, at the scene of the nucleic acid testing point to maintain order, and for the elderly, the disabled elderly information registration, with sweat and perseverance to protect peace, love,With practical actions to explain the “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress” in the new era of new youth responsibility and responsibility.Lei Feng spirit, everyone can learn;Dedication of love, everywhere can be.In “Tibet Qinglan”, you have demonstrated the people’s police’s responsibility for the people’s times, and in “Volunteer Red”, you have demonstrated the youth power of volunteers facing difficulties and defying dangers.The cold wind is biting, cold is less than the ancient road hot sausage;The resurgence of the epidemic is no match for unity. With the unremitting efforts of every volunteer, our city will defeat the epidemic, dispel the cold and blossom in spring.Thank you!Silent dedication!Pay tribute to every volunteer who is on the front line of the fight against COVID-19.Source: Anshun Suo of Province Author: Pan Juan Photography: Volunteers “2022 Spring Festival Special” No. 6, No. 144, 2022 (Total No. 5954)