The world’s largest archipelagic nation, Indonesia’s amphibious warfare artifact, makassar class dock landing ship

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A trivia about Indonesia (for me), Indonesia is the 15th largest country in the world in terms of land area (1,914,000 square kilometers), which is made up of about 17,508 islands. As the largest archipelagic nation in the world, the Indonesian Navy is under great pressure to control the islands.In order to effectively control these islands, which straddle Asia and Oceania, the Indonesian Navy has focused on amphibious operations, and the Marine corps’ ability to criss-cross the islands is today’s star, the Makassar class dock landing ship.In recent years, the navies of southeast Asian countries are no longer satisfied with buying second-hand combat vessels from developed countries. Even the Philippine Navy, which only recently adopted anti-ship missiles but was once full of junk, has been buying advanced frigates made in South Korea.And another trend is racing to serve – two flooding landing craft, such as the Indonesian navy, and the Philippines and myanmar’s navy makassar dock landing ships, and Thai navy buy displacement of our country is as high as 25000 tons of 071 e dock landing ships, naval even Malaysia is proposed for amphibious warship equipment capacity plan.For the Indonesian Navy, the large amphibious landing ship is its inherent demand, but in the early stage due to economic conditions gave way to surface combat ships and underwater submarine equipment, and as time goes by, the large amphibious landing ship also began to slowly come onto the table.In 2003, the Indonesian navy sought out South Korea to open the door to the export of naval equipment and bought a helicopter landing ship, the Tega Dapune (later converted into the Hospital ship Soharo Dr), for just $35 million, which became the makassar class landing ship.The Indonesian Navy’s Dr Soharo hospital ship, the affordable Makassar class dockyard landing ship, may have been happy to cooperate in the Project of the Helicopter dockyard landing ship Tega Dapune, which cost only a drop of money to buy a huge ship with a displacement of up to ten thousand tons,Indonesian navy later in 2004, with South Korea’s daewoo shipyards signed four on the ship dock landing ships before landing craft to upgrade a new level, is the “makassar” dock landing ships, of course the price is still low, only spent about $150 million, even after the key is two domestic shipyard built in Indonesia, and South Korea,Technology transfer and full intellectual property rights were provided to Indonesia.The Makassar class dock landing ship has a hull length of 125 meters, a width of 22 meters, a height of 56 meters, a draft of 4.9 meters, a standard displacement of 7,300 tons and a full displacement of 11,394 tons.In terms of power, makassar class is equipped with two German-made 8L28/32A diesel engines, with a maximum speed of 16 knots and a range of 8,600 nautical miles when maintaining an economic speed of 12 knots.In terms of carrying capacity, makassar class is also outstanding. The interior cabin of makassar class can accommodate a Marine battalion of 518 people and simultaneously transport 2,480 tons of cargo. The midhull garage can accommodate 13 main battle tanks or 40 tracked infantry fighting vehicles, and the submerged dock at the stern can accommodate two landing craft.In addition, the ship can also carry 2-4 transport helicopters on demand to carry out cargo and personnel rapid transport missions.On weapons and equipment, equipped with “makassar” some artillery, self-defense only 2 door Sweden bofors ASK40 / L70 gaoping dual-use type 40 mm cannon and two Swiss eritreans hole 20 mm machine gun, and it also can be equipped with 2 “Sinbad” twin missile launchers (French mistral short-range air defense missiles) for simple air defense self-defense.Myanmar navy import of South Korea’s system dock landing ships hot makassar level dock landing ships makassar level dock landing ships a sense is Korea star export of its equipment, not only the Indonesian navy is equipped with five, the Philippine navy also imported from Indonesia two, called tarlac dock landing ships, even two Indonesian navy also exported to Peru navy makassar dock landing ships.The Myanmar Navy also imported a dock landing ship from South Korea, based on the Makassar project.No matter how the Makassar class landing ship is flooded in the Southeast Asian navy, the king of the southeast Asian naval landing ship is the Type 071E landing ship of the Thai Navy.It’s not so handsome