The art of Matisse belongs to the art world of Matisse.

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What we can do is to accept, to get along with, to do everything silently, to infect the artistic life of life with kindness.Today I appreciate the works of French artist Henri Matisse, no matter how things can be quietly accepted, all difficulties can be brave and bold to face, this is a kind of eternal smile.Today we enjoy the art of French oil painting artist Henri Matisse, who paints wild works of art in bold colors and bright colors, such as “The Joy of Life”, “The Open Window” and “The Woman in the Hat”.In Henry’s own words: “IT was as if I had been called, and from now on, I was no longer in charge of my life, but it was in charge of me.”That’s what art should be.Henry’s work paints a kind of detachment, a kind of embarrassment in the face of past disappointment.Don’t take tomorrow’s yellow flowers as the beauty of the present, also don’t let the passing in the side of the misty rain occupy the heart.Flowers will bring a joy, flowers will bring a feeling, with a super clean and quiet state of mind, all the good arises spontaneously.From the age of 21, Henri Matisse’s passion for painting was unquenchable. It was a chance, a coincidence, that the past was like the wind and rain outside the window of a car, which should not be afraid to walk for fear of getting wet.In Matisse’s work, you can feel the beauty, the beauty that comes from a stroke.As a famous French painter, sculptor, printmaker, and founder of Brutalism, Matisse’s art world belongs to him by painting his own art works bravely and boldly.He infects others with a kind and upward attitude, and illuminates his life with art itself, which is free of charge. In the process of constant acceptance, modification and improvement, he appreciates the source of happiness that art brings to him.The constant joy of being yourself, embodied in Henri Matisse’s work, the poetic quality, the quality of smiling and seeing, the beauty of things in heaven and earth.Correct understanding of self, correct understanding of their own works, is not only a remarkable ability, but also feel a noble character, a higher realm of life guidance.In life, familiarity forms our common sense and unshakable authority in our minds.This common sense forms the dogma that people take for granted, and when you throw it away, all good things unfold before your eyes and mine.