In 1949, Chiang Kai-shek was taking a nap in his villa when his bodyguard pushed the door open and entered: the Communist army broke through the Yangtze River defense line

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Guide language: one day in 1949, Chiang Kai-shek was taking a nap, but was suddenly woken up by his bodyguard.He had woken Chiang kai-shek to tell him what had happened on the front lines, and that Chiang kai-shek had become so irritable and erratic since the end of the three major battles that he had killed Soong Mei-ling’s dog.Night is nervous sleep is not good, can only rest at noon for a period of time, but now was inexplicable wake up nature is very angry.But when he heard the news from the head of the guard, his face turned white and he was about to collapse.Then what news had the commander of the guard brought Chiang Kai-shek, and why Chiang Kai-shek was so desperate about it?The story also needs to begin with the end of the three major campaigns of the LIBERATION Army against the Kuomintang: the Liao-Shen Campaign, the Huai-Hai Campaign and the Pingjin-Tianjin Campaign.After these three large-scale battles, the strength of the KMT and CCP forces also changed upside down.Chiang kai-shek’s Kuomintang army had been reduced to more than two million men, but only one million men were actually available for combat duty.On the other hand, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army (PLA), although there were only more than 1 million people before the liberation War began, after a long time of preparation and war, the number did not decline, but increased dramatically, reaching more than 4 million.Chiang kai-shek was helpless in the face of the apparent numerical difference between the two sides, so he turned his last hope to the great peril of the Yangtze, which had been the great river of China since ancient times.Moreover, Chiang kai-shek wanted to pass through this natural barrier to give himself enough time to move.So he deployed more than 700,000 troops along the Yangtze River, hoping to thwart the PLA.Which tang Bowen more than 400,000 troops became stationed in the Yangtze River area of the main army, and Chiang Kai-shek received the front guard brought by the situation is the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army has broken through the Yangtze Line of defense, is launching an attack to Chiang Kai-shek.Chiang kai-shek was also taken aback by the news. Although he claimed to have 700,000 troops stationed along the Yangtze River, the entire line was not manned by Kuomintang soldiers, and he moved a large part of his troops to the Area of Shanghai.That was because in Shanghai there were the gold and banknotes that Chiang had amassed.He hopes to be able to have sufficient time to transfer the property to Taiwan, which he displays heavily in Shanghai region, Chiang kai-shek did not initially to the kuomintang troops were stationed in the Yangtze river coast hope, just hope that they will be able to hold enough time to provide the opportunity for the transfer of assets, but did not think of the people’s liberation army offensive come so suddenly.Chiang kai-shek had expected the PLA to wait until at least June for the crossing to take place, since the PLA would have to rest for a while anyway after three major campaigns.But what he did not expect was that immediately after the end of the three major battles, the People’s Liberation Army launched a battle across the River, in which a million troops marched against Chiang Kai-shek.Its strong combat capability was simply not able to resist kuomintang troops, so it can be seen that the PLA’s campaign across the river has been planned for a long time.Under such circumstances, the Kuomintang forces would be unable to accomplish their task of resistance and would be defeated with a single blow.On April 21, the Yangtze Line was broken one by one by the PLA.On hearing this news, Chiang kai-shek immediately called several of his confidants to his side.An emergency meeting was held. At the meeting, Chiang kai-shek made it clear that nanjing and Shanghai must be strictly defended, because Nanjing, as the capital of the Nationalist government at that time, had a self-evident political role.As one of the most advanced and developed cities in China at that time, Shanghai was very important to foreign exchanges. Moreover, Shanghai also stored gold and banknotes that Chiang kai-shek had not yet fully delivered.In order to protect this area of Shanghai, Chiang Kai-shek took great pains, sacrificing the lives of hundreds of thousands of Kuomintang soldiers for this purpose.The meeting was not finished until a series of loose ends had been cleared up.In the hearts of Chiang Kai-shek and others, it was also clear that the Kuomintang was doomed and the PLA was about to win the final victory of the war of liberation.The PEOPLE’s Liberation Army on the other side of the river was still attacking methodically. As the PLA had made sufficient preparations in advance, the crossing of the Yangtze River was very smooth. Although there were obstacles along the way from kuomintang reactionaries, they were defeated one by one.Summary: finally arrived at Nanjing on April 23, and quickly captured the key points of Nanjing according to the previous plan.And the Nanjing municipal government on the Kuomintang flag down, put on a bright red flag, after all this will be completed in Nanjing completely occupied, Chairman MAO after learning this news, is also very excited.It also marked the complete replacement of the Kuomintang by the Communist Party as the sole ruling party in China.