Do you know that building lighting needs to consider these three points?

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In modern times, lighting engineering has become an indispensable part of building construction, but also one of the ways to enhance the image of the building.Lighting adds character to the building.So what should architectural lighting design do?The lighting design of the building is divided into three levels: the roof, the street facade and the whole.As the symbol of the city, the top of the building is the symbol of integrating the whole building into the city.According to the characteristics of the building structure itself, it is necessary to emphasize the order of the scattered roof sections.As part of the approachable level, the street-side facade depicts the architectural details, allowing people to experience different cuisines at night.According to the characteristics of the bottom podium facade, lighting is set in key and distinctive structural parts to emphasize the delicate level of the building.According to the functional attributes of the building, the levels of light and shade are considered respectively, so that the lighting of the building is more orderly, and the whole building creates a high-level night lighting atmosphere.