Chinese Consumers association comments on the Spring Festival high ticket prices: pure ticket price dependence is nothing short of draining the pond fishing

2022-05-09 0 By

A total of 205,819 pieces of negative information about “movies” were collected during the monitoring period, according to a report released by the China Consumers association on Thursday.After last year’s Spring Festival ticket price was widely mocked, the average ticket price of this year’s Spring Festival has hit a new high, with many consumers who are willing to watch movies turning away from the high ticket price.Said the pair film market excess screen and content of the shortage of structural problem, epidemic fluctuations and policy implications of a variety of reality challenge, forcing theaters by raising ticket prices ease the plight of cash flow nervous, from the point of view of industry short-term stop-loss perhaps understandable, but attendance is generally reduce the fact, viewing frequency falling,But that simple fare dependence is nothing less than a drain fishing, drink dove quench thirst.Source: Flush Financial Research Center