A fu wind forest against the wind is difficult to win, Niigata Swan away toughness is very strong, Machida Sevia defense steady

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The okayama Pheasants finished 11th in the Japanese league last season, losing 3-1 at home to Chiba Shihara in the last six matches, with 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.Okayama green difficult head coach Kiyama Takashi coaching career 15 times led the team to a fu Fenglin achieved 3 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses, the performance is fair.Kaifu fenglin finished third in Japan’s second division last season, drawing 3-3 at home to Mito Hoshu in the last round of the league, with four wins, one draw and one loss in the last six matches.A fu fenglin are difficult to win against the wind, last season conceded the first 14 league games only 1 can come back to beat opponents, in the case of falling behind difficult to fight back.A fu fenglin nearly 5 rounds of league away to achieve 4 wins and 1 tie, including nearly 4 matches of the league can be zero opponents, before the away performance is very good.In eight of their last 10 games, The bianconeri have kept a clean sheet in the first half, not conceding a goal in the last five of those matches.The two sides have met nearly 6 times, okayama green Pheasants 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, during the 3 times at home against A fu Fenglin 2 can draw opponents.Although a fu feng Lin after road performance is very good, and okayama green pheasant home points ability is not bad, nearly six rounds of league game has got great achievement in the past 2-3-1, lost during a or in the last league matches, but the team has in advance avoid relegation, okayama this green pheasant and extension will not small, is expected to total points.Sendai performed poorly last season and finished 19th in the NFC, only to enter the Second division.Sendai Tanabata league nearly 5 games only achieved 2 draws 3 losses, the status of average.Sendai Tanabata home cautious, nearly 6 rounds of league home goals have not more than 2 goals, home style is very conservative.Niigata swans finished sixth in The Japanese league last season, with one win, three draws and two defeats in the last six rounds of the league.Niigata Swan away toughness is very strong, nearly 5 rounds of league away can draw opponents, although the state is not good, but during each game can take points, away from the state is not good.The two sides nearly 6 times, Sendai Tanabata 4 wins 1 draws 1 losses.Niigata Swans nearly 5 away games in 4 can score, away offensive ability is not good, and Sendai Tanabata league in 5 consecutive games have lost the ball, a total of 9 goals, the defense is very unstable, this Niigata Swans extension will not be small.Japan Second Division: Savia Machida VS FC Ryukyu Finished fifth in Japan second Division last season.Machida has a solid defense, with 4 wins and 5 draws in the last 9 rounds of the league. During this period, he has 6 matches with zero losses. His defensive performance is quite good, but his offensive performance is not very strong, during which he only scored 13 goals, including 4 matches without scoring.FC Ryukyu ranked 9th in The Japanese League last season, and won 2 wins and 3 draws in the last 5 league matches. During the period, FC Ryukyu scored in each match but also lost goals, with a total of 8 goals and 5 goals. The attack was stable but the defense was poor.Ryukyu FC nearly 4 rounds of league away have not lost the ball in the first half, the defense line into the state quickly.In the last six meetings between the two sides, Machida has won three and drawn three, and scored at least three goals in each of his two home games against FC Ryukyu.While FC Ryukyu in the last three rounds of league away results only 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, away state is general, this time Machida Sevia will ask for more extension, is also expected to take all points.For more highlights, follow football chat moments