Zhang Xiaofei coat directly sold out of stock, in the Spring Festival gala on the appearance of a burst, she became the Queen of goods in the Spring Festival Gala

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The Spring Festival Gala of every year in previous years, many stars appear on stage dress up can instantly become burst money, and in recent years, Zhang Xiaofei almost took all burst money sheet to taste, from the white sweater of Spring Festival gala last year to this year’s peacock blue coat, this also lets everybody experience zhang Xiaofei again super take goods ability and wear the fashionable feeling that build.Zhang Xiaofei since counter attack becomes a line, the entire people so much to get its hands on fashion resources, there are a lot of top luxury brand, take this year in the spring night she chooses the coat, is the wave from the van, the formal price is as high as ten thousand yuan on the net, even the high prices, behind you see Zhang Xiaofei effect, also be instantly sold out of stock.Such coat is the most all-match coat is a sheet that major schoolgirl winter is indispensable tasted, the coat is so popular by everyone, besides the clothes itself takes warmth, the biggest reason is because of the all-match sex of the coat and the advanced feeling of the dress version.1 coat why so good to wear our common coat, in the version can be simply divided into H profile and O profile, the two versions of the biggest difference is the clothes line version of the different.H model: the version of linear model collocation is loose profile, can wear the languid lazy feeling that gives modelling more, decorate the effect to figure more apparent.O word: modeling will be concentrated in the waist and hip position, small closing, will let the whole coat version of a lot of lovely feeling, such version is more suitable for thick fabric style.O type is actually a version of the teddy bear coat that has been very popular in recent years. Such a version of the coat with more thick fabric will wear a very lazy and comfortable effect, but for small girls or girls with small skeletons, such a version of the clothes are difficult to control.Therefore, relatively speaking, the straight line version of the coat will be more widely available to wear some, obvious H profile with loose version, can maximize the effect of body modification, and the design of the shoulder and the shape of the large lapel, more can increase the high-level sense and three-dimensional sense of the coat shape.This coat on Zhang Xiaofei body is H profile, the loose version of straight line can increase the agile feeling of modelling very well, and the length of the crus part, the design of collocation without waist line can have the effect of the proportion that decorates the figure more.Tips: For the straight line version of the coat, the choice of length is very important. Generally speaking, we will choose the length of the leg part, because such a length can play a role in modifying the proportion of the figure.2 coat should be how to wear the coat wearing is very simple, as long as the whole body version of the profile change sense and color of the senior sense of collocation, you can be a good highlight of the coat modeling of the senior sense, here we take Zhang Xiaofei’s body modeling as an example.01 preferred matsushita panasonic tight fit on tightly, in simple terms refers to a loose version to the tops of tight pants outfit, but for wearing a coat, we just choose the body style of pants, everyone can see Zhang Xiaofei this body modelling, lower body choice is slant conical trousers, although tapered pants is not tight pants,But you can still wear a loose and tight effect with a coat.For the coat + pants wear, we need to pay attention to the choice of pants length, if it is to match other styles of shoes in addition to boots, then we had better choose the length of nine minutes of pants, with the length of the coat can play a role in modifying the proportion of the body.02 Pay attention to the choice of bright colors with common coats, which are basically basic colors and camel colors. Such color matching will inevitably produce visual fatigue, so choosing a bright coat will directly change the sense of style of the coat and increase the highlights of the coat shape.The double-sided fabric of the coat will weaken the brightness of the color because of the texture of the wool, so we can boldly choose some bright color matching colors, such as peacock blue. The coat on Zhang Xiaofei was sold out instantly because of the amazing color.Tips: For bright colors, it works best with base colors, especially with black and white.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!