Wang Yansheng was not awarded the tomahawk by Song Taizu, because proud or cruel?

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Xu Yunhui flew out of yuanzhou (now Yuanzhou District, Guyuan City, Ningxia province) with a heart-wrenching cry, so that passers-by heard the sound of fear, cover their ears and run wild.In Wang yansheng’s ear, the crying was a music rarely heard in the world, because it was the sound effect of his original torture: the qiang people in the local Party area “don’t impose punishment on those who commit crimes against the Han dynasty.” Instead, “Yansheng invites his followers to drink for a banquet, and meets them with a hand debt, chews and drinks it off.”The victim was torn off both ears, “bleeding by the body, trembling dare not move.”Wang Yansheng “before and after several people eat people”, the bad reputation of eating people’s ears spread throughout the original state, but made “western people afraid of it, dare not violate.”Wang Yansheng town edge meritorious, but “life not awarded tomahawk”, because of pride or cruel?Wang Yansheng was a native of Shu. After the former Shu was destroyed by the Later Tang Dynasty, his family moved to Luoyang.He was “cruel and strong in nature, good at fencing, known as’ Wang Jianer ‘”, and was recommended to the court of the Later Tang Dynasty for his outstanding martial arts and agility.Shi Jing tang gan became the Emperor of Khitan, tang Jian jin, after his death succeeded his nephew Shi Zhonggui.Shi Zhonggui had a lot of backbone, after assuming power, he resolutely refused to submit to the Khitan, causing the Khitan soldiers to crush the border.Stone heavy your pro-Chanzhou battle, heavily recruited “brave men” with edits into the city to appease the army and people defending the city.Wang Yansheng stepped forward and fought with the Khitan siege army all night, successfully “breaking through” to complete the task.But because of the great disparity of strength, Stone heavy your soldiers were captured, the later Jin perish.Wang Switched his allegiance to the Northern Han and fought alongside Guo Wei.Guo Wei broke away from the Later Han dynasty to build the later Zhou Dynasty, and Wang Yansheng followed Guo Wei to “kill the enemy commander Wang Zhang in the array.”Guo Wei collapsed, Zhou Shizong Chai Rong ascended the throne, personally invaded Huainan.Wang Yansheng first set up a “break jinniu shuizhi, poultry (capture) ana school Yan Chengwang, Fan Heng”, “and from Li Chongjin defending Wu soldiers in the tang dynasty, cut two thousand levels.From Zhang Yongde to Yingzhou, shu City “, promoted step by step by military merit.Wang Yansheng in become a dazzling star, also be ambitious to the German army, inspection school commander Zhao Kuangyin pulled into the circle of friends and as a confidant.On the third day of the first lunar month in 960, Zhao Kuangyin staged the farce of “adding the body of a yellow robe” in Chen Qiaoyi, launched a peaceful mutiny and skillfully seized the throne of zhou Shizong, who was only seven years old.Zhao Kuangyin, out of guilt for seizing the land of the fatherless and widowed mother, issued a military order before he led his troops back to Kaifeng: “The queen mother and your majesty, we are all in the north of the country, and you must not be frightened;The ministers are on my side, shall not abuse;The imperial Treasury, the home of ordinary scholars, shall not be raided!I will kill you if I don’t!”Wang Yansheng because of the positive performance in the mutiny outstanding, zhao Kuangyin was entrusted with important tasks, as the vanguard troops returned to the Capital division.Later Zhou Ma Bujun deputy commander han Tong heard Chen Qiaoyi mutiny incident, out of loyalty to the court, immediately called the Forbidden army to defend the palace.Wang Yansheng entered the city, “met Han Tong on the road”, unexpectedly put Zhao Kuangyin “army into Beijing shall not have a crime” in the back of the head, command the team to attack the forbidden army.The army was rout, Han Tong turned his horse to run home, Wang Yansheng refused to let go.Han Tong “galloped into its fusuma.”Wang Yansheng openly violates Zhao Kuangyin again “scholar common home, shall not invade plunder” military order, break into han Tong home to kill.Han Tong eventually “was killed by Yansheng, his wife is dead.”Zhao Kuangyin learned that had fought side by side “all dangerous taste, feeling good you Du” close comrain-in-arms Han Tong all died in Wang Yansheng under the sword, “Taizu wentong dead, angry Yansheng kill”, more angry he dare to violate the “violation is four slaughter you” military order.But because of the founding of the beginning of the urgent need to win over people and the use of talent, had to “bear less than sin”, positorily gift Han Tong “zhongshu, to receive funeral”.After the criticism and education of Wang Yansheng, he was still reused.(3) A few months later, Wang Yansheng was appointed as a special envoy to the Capital.One night, he took inspection as a reason, boldly broke into the four dynasties prime minister Wang Pu’s private house, specially visited the old guard.Wang Pu, alarmed by the news, got up and bought wine to entertain the unexpected guests.Wang Yansheng sheng sheng sheng face way: “tonight inspection is really tired, through your mansion, long heard the elder name, especially to trouble, conspire a drunk.”He put aside drinking and eating meat, first ulterior motives to praise the palace luxurious style, then insinuating that he gave up money to avoid disaster, “in order to ask for bribes.”Wang Pu is a political veteran fox after four dynasties, how can not hear his purpose?But he “tiger mill – do not eat this set”, pretending to be deaf and blind to understand, a vigorous persuade him to drink.Wang Yansheng asked for a bribe but left angrily.Wang Pu the next day this secret song Taizu, Song Taizu gas crooked nose, new accounts old accounts together, wang Yansheng out of the capital, the first tangzhou governor, then reappointed shenzhou regiment, defense, and finally moved the town of Yuanzhou.(4) Guarding the Northwest During his stay in Yuanzhou, Wang Yansheng and other generals made concerted efforts to build a bronze wall in the northwest “for the Western Xia dynasty”.Every time the Western Xia invaded, Wang Yansheng and other generals “set ambush and attacked many times”, so that the Northern Song “had no worries in the northwest for twenty years”.In 974, Wang Yansheng became ill due to overwork and enjoyed the preferential policy to return to the court as an official. He died of illness halfway through the journey, “fifty-eight years old.”God rewards those who help themselves, Wang Yansheng, for the establishment of the song dynasty under the merit of the horse, should be in the new dynasty to enjoy senior officials.However, he relies on the merit of hard work, first unscrupulous violation of the song Taizu ban to kill the Han Tong family, and brazen brazen public to the four dynasties veteran Wang Pu bribe, and then exterminated humanity in yuanzhou to create lynching, resulting in his notorious.To Wang Yansheng’s credit, and Shi Shouxin and other generals at the same time to obtain the “yue (jie jie position number)”.However, “Taizu killed Han Tong with its capture, life did not grant the tomahawk.””The history of Song” cloud: “Wang Yansheng killed Han Tong, although Taizu did not sin, and did not award the tomahawk for life”, intended to “vertical training (vertical teaching) descendants” do not take credit, so as to avoid such as Wang Yansheng because of the tail raised too high and leave a lifetime regret!Xu Yunhui, male, graduated from The Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Yunnan Normal University in 1984, is now a senior lecturer of Yunnan Baoshan No.1 Middle School Education Group.He has published two monographs and more than 600,000 words in literary journals above the provincial level.Note: If you like this article, please share and comment.