This “snowflake” on the opening ceremony has changed more than 300 drafts in three years

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“You drew snowflakes, but no one knew at the time what the connection to the Winter Olympics was.”As one of the designers of the “snowflake” for the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Li Min kept her secret for nearly three years, until the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games on The night of February 4, when a “snowflake” ran through the audience, stunning the world.Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, Li Min, her own job is a senior editor in the Fine Arts department of China Daily.About three years ago, she and her colleague Song Chen received a “mysterious” assignment.”It was not explicitly said that I would participate in the Winter Olympics.”Recently, In an interview with Red Star News, Li Min recalled that in the first half of 2019, a teacher at her Alma mater called her. At first, she just asked if she was interested in joining a design team and helping a teacher implement her ideas into a design draft.”Then I said no problem, I would give it a try.”Li Min later knew that the teacher on the phone mentioned the teacher, is the famous director Zhang Yimou, and let her help to implement the “design draft”, is the Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony.In the following three years, Li Min participated in the whole process of designing snowflakes for the Winter Olympics.From usher in the hands of a “snow”, to the bird’s nest was immersed in “yanshan snowflakes as big as a table in the picture, behind the three hundred draft again and again modification, meticulous polishing the perfection of present, more than 300 draft again and again modification, only unique snowflake late February 4, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics” snow “romantic, empty spirit and romantic,It is called “aesthetic ceiling” by netizens.”The director wanted us to design a snowflake that no one had ever seen before.”Li told Red Star news that it took her and other designers nearly three years and more than 300 drafts to create the unique snowflake.To this end, Li Min not only collected a lot of real snowflake pictures in nature, but also found a variety of design patterns and architectural styles.”We opened up to design in the beginning, and then slowly to recycle, through repeated modifications, and finally form what we see now.”Li Min recalled that the design of the opening ceremony “Snowflake” went through several stages. At the beginning, the design elements were the landmarks of various countries, and then the traditional Chinese auspicious patterns, such as auspicious clouds, Chinese knot, koi, lotus and so on.”Zhang Yimou’s attention to aesthetics and detail is superb.”Li Min recalled that every time he was called to a meeting by the director, he would have new ideas and constantly subvert the previous design scheme in pursuit of better results.Li Min said, Director Zhang Yimou is very experienced, he will not only see the “Snow” design draft plane visual effect, but also the design draft “proofing”, see the actual camera shooting effect.At that time, I did encounter a situation where the design draft looked good, but the lines were too dense and the luminous strips were “pasted” together.In order to present a more perfect display effect, the design team decided to adjust the “Snowflake” shape to be more concise.▲ Snowflake design draft and how to “do subtraction”, once became the bottleneck of Li Min’s design work.”We just started doing really big cuts, like more than 50 percent of the lines.If you cut off the density of the traditional Chinese pattern, its beauty will be hard to reflect, and the form will be destroyed.”In order to make “Snowflake” find a balance between the performance effect of TV shots and aesthetic feeling, Li Min and other designers made many attempts again, and finally decided to integrate the shape of Chinese knot with snowflakes, so that snowflakes do not lose their flexibility and lightness, showing Chinese culture and Oriental charm.Romantic, ethereal and beautiful, the snowflake at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 4 was dubbed the “aesthetic ceiling” by Internet users.On February 5, the Official account of China Daily posted a message under the caption “Finally!As a director, Li Min and Song Chen, members of China Daily Painting Times Studio, participated in the design of “Snowflake” for the opening ceremony.Li Min told red Star news reporters that when joining the design team for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, they need to sign a confidentiality agreement, and during the whole design process, the names and details of the participants can not be disclosed to the public.As the art editor of China Daily, li Min needs to participate in the creative design of the opening ceremony “Snowflake” in her spare time after finishing her daily work.In preparation for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games days, Li Min dry newspaper work during the day, busy winter Olympics in the evening, overtime meetings until late at night is common.’It was a lot of work,’ she admits.”We can only do it in our spare time when we go home because we can’t affect our own work and we are not allowed to bring the design work of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics to a public place.”Even though I drew snowflakes in my daily work, I could not tell anyone that snowflakes had anything to do with the Winter Olympics.So when people see you drawing snowflakes, they don’t think of some secret.”Li Min said.▲ After the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics theme illustration designed by Li Min, Li Min wrote in his circle of friends: “Three years of day and night, more than 300 drafts of repeated modification, the final collection into a beautiful story of a snowflake, to show the world Chinese romance.At this time, Li Min’s friends and colleagues knew that she had participated in the creative art work of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.These days, Li Min has been involved in the creation of illustrations for the Winter Olympics.She told The Red Star news reporter that the romance of the “snowflake” will continue, and the “snowflake” will not only be made into a permanent sculpture, she will continue to use her brush to depict Chinese culture and show the wonderful Winter Olympics.(Red Star News)