Once in order to do the show even menstrual disorder, now online with goods busy

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In the past, Dragon TV had many excellent programs. In order to gain a firm foothold, the original entertainment hosts were striving for the best for fear of being outdone by others.But in recent years, due to the inaccurate positioning of the overall program and the substantial increase in advertising, eastV’s viewing rate is declining year after year.It also caused second-tier hosts like Wandini to lament the hardships of their careers in online posts.As Ji Xueping, Chen Rong’s college classmate, Zhou Jin in the development of television station, is also relying on their own step by step step out.From co-hosting lele Music Park with other hosts at the beginning, to later being able to support the program alone, the hardships of which are also incomprehensible to outsiders.Lin Hai once broke the news that Zhou Jin in order to do well in the program, all day long to look up information to find problems, pressure once made their physiological cycle chaos.And Zhou Jin’s partner “36 degrees 7” Chen Guoqing comments zhou Jin “brain active interface makes fast”.However, with the rapid decline of TV viewing rate, and the prevalence of network tape goods, Zhou Jin also began to put the focus of work on the network platform, New Year’s Eve when most hosts are busy working or releasing personal trends, but Zhou Jin is selling Changbai Mountain ginseng.Maybe everyone has different ideas, or maybe there are other reasons, but I still hope That Zhou Jin can make better programs to give back to the audience.The article is not easy, look forward to praise attention and comments, a lifetime of good luck, thank you!